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students and alumni stories

By Gianna Cacciatore 02/18/2021 10:11 AM EST
Priten Shah
Master's student Priten Shah wants to change how we teach civics to students around the world.
By Lory Hough 02/12/2021 3:21 PM EST
Illustration from A Field Guide to Gifted Students
Charlotte Agell's new book offers an intro to teachers and parents.
By Gianna Cacciatore 01/06/2021 3:26 PM EST
Malika Ali
Based on her parents' experience in Eritria and her own time in school, alum Malika Ali, Ed.M.’19, learned that education meant liberation
By Lory Hough 01/06/2021 10:31 AM EST
Logan Smalley, Ed.M.'08, and Stephanie Kent
For anyone who remembers dog-earing the page in the Yellow Pages of a favorite pizza shop, and lovers of books and bookstores, Logan Smalley's new "Call Me Ishmael Phone Book" is a nostalgic and useful resource.
By Matt Weber 01/04/2021 11:08 PM EST
Graduate Matt Weber, Ed.M.’11, learned something about teaching during a pandemic from the iconic Mr. Goodbar: Keep it simple, be kind, and always carry chocolate.
By Lory Hough 01/04/2021 1:02 PM EST
Michael Lipset, Ed.M.'16
A new audio project called Sound Practice by Michael Lipset, Ed.M.'16, is designed to help people doing equity work get centered — and off of screens.
By Katie Clarke, Ed.M.'12 01/03/2021 2:12 PM EST
An eight-year veteran teacher realized she didn't know what her students needed — or what was meaningful for them — during online COVID learning
By Emilly Boudreau 12/04/2020 11:53 AM EST
Charli Kemp
With Change the Tune, Ed.L.D. student Charli Kemp creates out-of-school learning experiences that help young people build compassionate relationships with themselves and their communities.
By Gianna Cacciatore 10/30/2020 2:05 PM EDT
Zoom meeteing of Let's Talk organizers
Students and alumni come together — this year, virtually — to produce a vital series of events promoting the success and wellbeing of Asian and Asian-American students.
By Jill Anderson 10/28/2020 12:15 PM EDT
Dean's Education Fellows
HGSE sent 26 recent graduates — as Dean’s Education Fellows — into districts across the country to meet the pressing challenges of COVID-19.