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STEM Stories

By Bari Walsh 08/26/2022 2:59 PM EDT
Brightly colored number tiles
As schools seek to recover from COVID's disruptions, a significant new study shows how summer learning experiences focused on mathematics can play a part.
By Bill Ibelle 06/27/2022 11:39 AM EDT
Illustration from Power On book
New graphic novel explores why there are so few women and people of color in computer science.
By 01/20/2022 9:18 AM EST
Illustration of earth on chalkboard
Ten ways for teachers to address science denial.
By 12/01/2021 10:19 AM EST
Illustration by Willamina Peregrine
How to support self-directed projects in the classroom.
By Jill Anderson 11/12/2021 3:00 PM EST
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind
What are kids being taught about climate change in American schools, what part of the discussion is causing friction, and what are the potential effects a generation miseducated on this topic?
By 07/21/2021 11:39 AM EDT
Math teacher in front of white board
New research advocates for having students compare problems and solutions when learning math.
By Gianna Cacciatore 06/29/2021 3:45 PM EDT
Science symbols
Ruth Park talks lessons learned after a unique inaugural year in the classroom.
By Ed. Magazine 05/11/2021 12:49 PM EDT
Olivia Phillips
One HTF alum helps her students through the pandemic by creating algebra refreshers on TikTok.
By Jill Anderson 12/03/2020 11:29 AM EST
Girl with magnifying glass
One way to solve complex problems like climate change may be to teach science in more complex and personal ways.
By Jill Anderson 03/20/2019 1:00 PM EDT
Moving Beyond the Technical
How computer science education can be expanded to connect learning to social and ethical issues.