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By Lory Hough 09/27/2022 2:09 PM EDT
Mary Skipper
Taking over as the new superintendent, alum aims to be a difference-maker for the district
By Lory Hough 05/22/2022 4:37 PM EDT
Matthew Taylor Book
How the stories we tell ourselves can get in the way of leading.
By 05/03/2022 1:51 PM EDT
Hand stopping dominoes from falling
What district leaders need after a few tough years.
By Jill Anderson 10/15/2021 2:48 PM EDT
School board
A look at the role of school boards and the current debates playing out at school board meetings.
By Ed. Magazine 09/22/2021 12:12 PM EDT
Winship Elementary leaders
Local school with HGSE ties named a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.
By Lory Hough 05/13/2021 2:45 PM EDT
Squiggle man
Simon Rodberg’s new book looks at why it’s hard for school leaders to make decisions and how five key questions can help.
By Grace Tatter 05/09/2021 6:47 PM EDT
David Kwabena Wilson
It’s never been easy to be a college president. This past year, with a pandemic in full swing, the job became that much harder.
By Simon Rodberg 05/06/2021 5:00 PM EDT
School Drawing
A school leader describes how society can — and should — redefine what school is.
By Jill Anderson 04/08/2021 11:21 AM EDT
DC Public Schools logo
D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Lewis Ferebee shares how the pandemic has affected the way in which he leads the district.
By News editor 02/08/2021 4:19 PM EST
Zoom squares: Bridget Long, Bharat Anand, Matt Miller
A discussion among higher ed leaders at Harvard on innovations in teaching and learning — and which changes are likely to last.