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kindergarten stories

By 07/21/2020 2:51 PM EDT
Child hugging parent's arm headed into school
In this unusual year, simple parenting strategies can help ease anxiety for young children around going back to school.
By Iman Rastegari 12/14/2017 10:30 AM EST
Resnick bookcover
MIT Professor Mitchel Resnick reflects on why nurturing creative thinking is so important — in kindergarten and beyond.
By Leah Shafer, Iman Rastegari 06/14/2016 9:25 AM EDT
Research indicates that children at risk for dyslexia can be identified before they begin school.
By Bari Walsh 03/31/2015 11:49 AM EDT
An easel and toys in an early education classroom
A smooth transition to school lays the groundwork for later success.
By Jill Anderson 03/28/2013 8:00 AM EDT
Study Finds Large Pre-K Impact