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Stories about HarvardX

By Leah Shafer 11/06/2016 10:32 AM EST
jumble of wooden letter coming together to spell
In an ELA classroom’s scramble to cover all requirements — novels and short stories, grammar and vocabulary, expository and creative writing — poetry can get pushed to the sidelines. Teachers and students alike can assume poetry is dense, bewildering, and unnecessary. But engaging young people with poetry today may be easier than it seems. “This generation understands poetry. They’re writing poetry,” says Professor Elisa New, whose ambitious Poetry in America project aims to bring poetry “into classrooms and living rooms around the world.” The cultural dominance of hip hop — from mainstream...
By Matt Weber 03/23/2016 4:28 PM EDT
Diane Moore
The puzzle of how to best teach religion — and how to teach teachers how to best teach religion — is one that Harvard Divinity School Senior Lecturer Diane Moore has been grappling with for a good part of her career. As a result, she has developed a set of tools about how to think about religion that she feels is not only beneficial to those who teach religion, but also to the general public. Now, as part of the HarvardX course, World Religions Through Their Scriptures, she and her teaching partners will be able to share these methods with students around the world. "I'm really eager for...
By Leah Shafer 12/08/2015 7:50 AM EST
Close-up of hands over a laptop keyboard
The latest piece of news on MOOCs — massive online open courses — suggests that they may not yet be the great democratizer of education that they were envisioned to be. One of the driving ideas behind MOOCs is that they are accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of previous educational achievement, socioeconomic status, or physical location. A teenager in rural Montana, a construction worker in Atlanta, and a grandmother in India can take the same courses from the same professors as a Harvard student in Cambridge — for free. Falling Short But a new article in Science by Harvard...
By Newseditor 09/08/2014 4:34 PM EDT
HarvardX - A Year Later
After the Ed School’s first MOOC wrapped up in June, we asked how this “big experiment” in online learning worked out. About 5,000 students from around the world finished the 15-week course, Immunity to Change, taught by Professor Bob Kegan and Lecturer Lisa Lahey, Ed.M.’80, Ed.D.’86. That’s a huge bump from the 100 who usually take on-campus courses with Kegan and Lahey. So how did this affect the learning? Kegan and Lahey say they are really surprised that such a deep, personal community formed, despite the size and the online format. As Kegan said in a video message to students during the...
By Newseditor 06/24/2014 10:50 AM EDT
HarvardX - A Year Later
HGSE's second HarvardX offering, Leaders of Learning, taught by Professor Richard Elmore, begins on July 8, 2014. The six-week course will help students to identify and develop their personal theories of learning, and explore how they fit into the shifting landscape of learning. Video of edX | HarvardX: Leaders of Learning: GSE2x About Video Learn more about Leaders of Learning and register today.    
By Matt Weber 01/21/2014 10:55 AM EST
HarvardX - A Year Later
During the 2012-2013 academic year HarvardX launched six courses on edX, an online learning platform jointly founded by Harvard and MIT. In addition to expanding access to knowledge and improving residential education, one of the underlying goals of the enterprise was to advance research on learning. In this edition of the EdCast, HarvardX research fellow Justin Reich, Ed.D.'12., examines the effectiveness of edX's open online courses through quantitative and qualitative research.   On Tuesday, January 21 at 6 p.m., the HarvardX research team will discuss a series of course reports...
By News editor 01/17/2014 4:27 PM EST
The First Year of HarvardX
During the 2012-2013 academic year HarvardX launched six courses on edX, an online learning platform. On January 21, the HarvardX research team and MIT's Office of Digital Learning, released a series of course reports and discussed research findings.  &amp;lt;a href="" target="_blank"&amp;gt;View the story &amp;amp;#8220;The First Year of HarvardX&amp;amp;#8221; on Storify&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;&amp;lt;noscript&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />