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Harvard Family Research Project Stories

By Mary Tamer 02/13/2015 3:08 PM EST
photo of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
The Harvard Family Research Project places emphasis on the links between leadership and family engagement on Presidents Day.
By Mary Tamer 01/15/2015 5:05 PM EST
A photo of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC
Inspired by the messages of MLK, the Harvard Family Research Project produces a resource to help families lead the way.
By Mary Tamer 12/15/2014 12:54 PM EST
Holiday Apps
With school vacation week approaching, a guide for families to make the best use of their digital time.
By Mary Tamer 10/08/2014 3:36 PM EDT
A paper cutout of a family
Case studies produced by the Harvard Family Research Project delve into key topics of family engagement in schools.
By Mary Tamer 09/18/2014 5:11 PM EDT
puzzle pieces that say teacher parent education
The Harvard Family Research Project provides tips and tools on maximizing the school-to-family relationship.
By News editor 05/29/2008 10:06 AM EDT
boy and girl reading
A longitudinal study highlights family involvement as a key to literacy performance.