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By Jill Anderson 10/02/2017 2:15 PM EDT
David Dockterman
One could argue that, over his 30-year career, Lecturer David Dockterman, Ed.D.'88, has helped launch and shape the field of education technology — particularly how to use computers in the classroom in interactive and engaging ways for teachers and students. So, it may come as a surprise that Dockterman sees his foray into edtech as “happenstance.” Even more surprising: it was the introduction of computers at the high school where he taught history that led him away from classroom teaching. “This guy came in with RadioShack computers showing us this ‘cutting edge’ software. This game States...
By Sagra Alvarado 09/28/2017 12:03 PM EDT
A Curriculum for Changing the World
On September 18, at Askwith Hall, director of the International Education Policy (IEP) Program, Professor Fernando Reimers, Ed.M.’84, Ed.D.’88, presented his recent book, One Student at a Time. Written in collaboration with HGSE alumni of the IEP Program, One Student at a Time provides a series of alumni accounts of their work experiences, covering a wide array of careers in schools, governments, international organizations, and nonprofits and demonstrating the impact of HGSE on the global education movement. During the discussion, Reimers — who was joined by several alumni contributors to...
By Casey Bayer 09/21/2017 2:11 PM EDT
Deborah Jewell-Sherman
Professor Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Ed.M.’92, Ed.D.’95, has been named the Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Practice in Educational Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “From her transformative service as superintendent of Richmond Public Schools to her award-winning teaching and mentorship of students in our Ed.L.D. Program, Deborah is a powerful force for good in education,” said Dean James Ryan. “I can think of no one whose head, hands, and heart are more deserving of the honor of the Gregory R. Anrig Chair in Educational Leadership.” The chair was held since its inception in...
By News editor 09/15/2017 11:00 AM EDT
James Ryan
Dear Friends, I write with mixed emotions to share the news that I will be stepping down as dean at the end of this academic year in order to become the president of the University of Virginia. While I am excited and honored by the chance to serve my alma mater and a university at which I taught for 15 years, it will be difficult to leave HGSE. I was an outsider to this institution when I arrived in 2013, but you quickly made me feel welcome. In a short period of time, I came not only to deeply admire this community, but to love it. The sense of mission, the dedication and talent, and the...
By Casey Bayer 09/06/2017 4:16 PM EDT
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones has been promoted to full professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was previously the Marie and Max Kargman Associate Professor in Human Development and Urban Education Advancement. “From her work with the Making Caring Common project to her leadership as co-director of the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative, Stephanie Jones has been a powerful advocate for children,” said Dean James Ryan. “Stephanie’s high-profile research, which is influencing both practice and policy, is a great example of what we are trying to accomplish across HGSE —...
By Lory Hough 08/28/2017 8:44 AM EDT
Vicki Jacobs
This fall, Lecturer Vicki Jacobs, C.A.S.'80, Ed.D.'86, took over as faculty director of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) following Kay Merseth’s retirement from the position. We wondered how Jacobs, who had been serving as faculty director of the Specialized Studies Program since 2015, found her way to teaching and to the field of education. Jacobs sat down with Ed. to talk about her path, which included almost missing her first teaching interview, and dreams of becoming a folk singer. Hometown? I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but we spent a good number of years in Columbus while I was...
By 08/23/2017 12:17 PM EDT
Unknowable Future
By Education Next 08/15/2017 10:08 AM EDT
The 2017 Education Next annual survey of American public opinion on education shows public support for charter schools has dropped, even as opposition to school vouchers and tax credits for private-school scholarships has declined. Opposition to the Common Core State Standards seems to have finally leveled off. When the “Common Core” name is not mentioned, support for the same standards across states rises among both Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, support for the federal role in education policy has waned. This year’s poll also finds that President Trump’s policy preferences widen the...
By Casey Bayer 08/03/2017 4:02 PM EDT
Nonie Lesaux
Professor Nonie Lesaux has been named academic dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education, effective August 1, 2017. “From her years directing our Ph.D. Program to her ongoing service as chair of the Massachusetts Board of Early Education and Care, Nonie Lesaux brings a unique and valuable set of skills and experiences to the role of academic dean,” said Dean James E. Ryan. “Throughout her time at HGSE, she has proven herself a remarkably capable leader, a nationally recognized expert in literacy and child development, and a deeply caring and dedicated colleague. I am delighted to have her...