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By Jill Anderson, Casey Bayer 03/16/2017 4:17 PM EDT
Pathways to Strong Early Learning Environments
The Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative kicked off its professional learning efforts with a one-day convening of policymakers and practitioners at HGSE.
By Bobby Dorigo Jones 03/16/2017 10:25 AM EDT
Who is Beverly Daniel Tatum?
What you should know about the former President of Spelman College before her talk at the Askwith Forums.
By Bobby Dorigo Jones 03/01/2017 4:02 PM EST
Who is Anne Holton?
What you should know about about the Virginia Board of Education member before the Askwith Forum on March 6.
By Bobby Dorigo Jones 03/01/2017 10:40 AM EST
Take Action
On Friday, March 3, Askwith Forums presents the keynote panel for the 15th annual HGSE Alumni of Color Conference.
By Tyler Tarnowicz, Matt Weber 02/23/2017 3:37 PM EST
Jesse Jackson
On February 21, civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to the Ed School community — and the Harvard EdCast — about diversity and the role educators can play in fighting inequality.
By Bobby Dorigo Jones 02/13/2017 3:00 PM EST
A Book, a Page, a World: The Artistic Journey of an Author and an Illustrator
Explore the picture book worlds of author and illustrator, husband and wife, who create worlds for children by bridging history, heritage, culture, and curiosity at the Askwith Forum on February 16.
By Bobby Dorigo Jones 02/13/2017 9:43 AM EST
Driving Change: The Challenges Superintendents Face in Urban Schools.
On Tuesday, February 14, the Askwith Forum gathered three experienced leaders of urban districts for a dialogue on the role of a superintendent in such dynamic systems as urban school districts and on how superintendents can spark radical change.