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By Bari Walsh 10/07/2015 9:22 AM EDT
Tipping the Scales
An interactive game shows how community choices can build resilience in the face of hardship.
By Bari Walsh 07/26/2015 10:41 AM EDT
Boy and girl with digital devices
Writing new terms of engagement for how we approach our connected lives.
By Bari Walsh 07/06/2015 9:39 AM EDT
Digital Drama
How teens help each other navigate online stress and abuse.
By Matt Weber, Bari Walsh 06/16/2015 4:26 PM EDT
Summer Code
Assistant Professor Karen Brennan shares expert tips for out-of-school computing fun.
By Bari Walsh 06/08/2015 2:49 PM EDT
Broadening the Conversation
Usable Knowledge announces interactive webinar series with HGSE faculty.
By Bari Walsh 05/21/2015 4:16 PM EDT
Girl in classroom reading on a tablet
The case for connecting technology adoption with learning goals.
By Bari Walsh 05/07/2015 1:38 PM EDT
Photo of father and young son
Turning everyday moments into brain-building blockbusters for young children.
By Victoria Jones 04/22/2015 10:38 AM EDT
An innovative organization provides free tools and resources to make learning accessible to all students.
By News editor 03/20/2015 11:41 AM EDT
Digital Ecosystem
On March 25, Professor Chris Dede and EDUCAUSE President and CEO Diana Oblinger discussed how the digital ecosystem will suit Harvard’s future and the potential consequences of higher education technology on society.