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edtech Stories

By Andrew Bauld 05/19/2021 4:45 PM EDT
Student with virtual reality headset
A doctoral student studies the benefits of immersive technology in the classroom.
By Lory Hough 05/12/2021 11:06 AM EDT
Illustration by James Graham
How Ken Lim, Ed.M.’99, taught kids to understand why masks matter.
By Ed. Magazine 05/11/2021 12:49 PM EDT
Olivia Phillips
One HTF alum helps her students through the pandemic by creating algebra refreshers on TikTok.
By Lory Hough 04/20/2021 3:33 PM EDT
Siya Raj Purohit
An alum talks about funding edtech startups that focus on the human side of work.
By Bari Walsh 04/19/2021 1:25 PM EDT
Early  literacy app on tablet
Joe Blatt, who led the development of HGSE's new family-oriented early-literacy apps, describes how the apps can support learning and help children get ready to read.
By Lory Hough 03/30/2021 12:48 PM EDT
Sirius game map screenshot
Online game created by current student helps other students connect to the classics.
By 11/02/2020 3:54 PM EST
Parent looking at laptop with child
Even media that's not specifically educational can spur learning and connection, with an intentional approach.
By Gianna Cacciatore 10/21/2020 3:30 PM EDT
Rosa Guzman Turco
As a Science and Innovation Fellow, Ph.D. student Rosa Guzman Turco focuses on the power of technology to shape language and literacy development in preschool-aged children.
By Jill Anderson 07/13/2020 12:36 PM EDT
Small Wonders app
Small Wonders features learning games based on everyday activities
By Emily Boudreau 02/24/2020 2:42 PM EST
Samantha Pratt
With a new app — and an appearance at this weekend’s Alumni of Color Conference — alum Samantha Pratt brings urgency to conversations about mental health and trauma in schools.