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edtech Stories

By Andrew Bauld 09/02/2022 11:17 AM EDT
UK and US flags in speech bubbles
Students from the United States and United Kingdom virtually debate the American Revolution through alum’s Young Historians Program
By Emily Boudreau 07/11/2022 11:15 AM EDT
Ladders leading to lightbulbs
With a new web app, Proving Ground continues to help school districts develop and scale effective, evidence-based interventions
By 06/09/2022 11:37 AM EDT
Meta logo
New guide gives educators a place to start figuring it out.
By Nakul Grover 05/03/2022 12:21 PM EDT
Maureen Bunney
With an emphasis on social-emotional skills and play, master's student Maureen Bunney's edtech company aims to help young learners succeed.
By Nakul Grover 02/04/2022 10:16 AM EST
Drew Madson and Steve Askar
With their new app — launched in the pandemic — two alums give teachers a tool to identify struggling readers and provide personalized support.
By Nakul Grover 12/08/2021 4:38 PM EST
Iman Usman
Master’s student Iman Usman's innovative startup Ruangguru serves more than 25 million learners in Southeast Asia with high-quality, personalized content.
By Gianna Cacciatore 09/29/2021 11:33 AM EDT
Omolara Fatiregun
With its equity audits and more, Ed.L.D. student Omolara Fatiregun's social enterprise partners with local governments to help break cycles of poverty and increase opportunity.
By Lory Hough 07/08/2021 2:08 PM EDT
Prasanth Nori on Zoom call
A post on Twitter led to one alum helping families in India during the country's second wave of COVID.
By 06/29/2021 2:43 PM EDT
Father and daughter playing video games
How to recognize video games that engage kids of all ages in learning.
By 05/24/2021 4:16 PM EDT
Early  literacy app on phone
How media can help enrich language and literacy development in early childhood.