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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Stories

By Ryan Nagelhout 04/07/2023 12:27 PM EDT
A panel of three experts weighed in on what higher education can do in the wake of a pending Supreme Court ruling
By Jill Anderson 03/31/2023 9:05 AM EDT
How HBCUs represent a model of higher education desperately needed to save the future of democracy
By Jill Anderson 03/17/2023 9:39 AM EDT
The steps schools should take toward building more gender-inclusive school climates
By Jill Anderson 03/03/2023 3:41 PM EST
Social psychologist Geoff Cohen discusses ways we can nurture belonging as educators, parents, and citizens.
By Marin Jorgensen 02/28/2023 2:22 PM EST
This year's Alumni of Color Conference will take "A Journey Toward Healing"
By Ryan Nagelhout 02/15/2023 6:35 PM EST
Ph.D. candidate Christopher Cleveland's research focuses on issues of equity and the impact of environmental factors on educational opportunity
By Bari Walsh 02/09/2023 10:09 AM EST
With the recent release of works both new and classic, historian Jarvis Givens provides a glimpse into the vibrancy of Black student life in America
By 02/02/2023 2:56 PM EST
How educators can help newcomers in the classroom
By Jill Anderson 12/02/2022 10:56 AM EST
Jeff Duncan-Andrade discusses why schools need to be equity-focused and how equality hasn't produced the results needed
By Jill Anderson 11/22/2022 10:51 AM EST
The challenges of teaching uncomfortable narratives in class — and how educators can lean in