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COVID recovery Stories

By News editor 05/11/2023 8:28 AM EDT
Most comprehensive picture yet of COVID's unequal impacts — and the urgency to expand learning opportunities
By Ryan Nagelhout 04/25/2023 2:11 PM EDT
New book details students' findings and offers possible solutions to school systems around the globe
By Jill Anderson 04/07/2023 9:31 AM EDT
Stanford Economist Thomas Dee explores the reasons for and implications of the post-pandemic enrollment dip in public schools
By Jill Anderson 03/24/2023 3:18 PM EDT
Language and literacy pioneer Catherine Snow discusses the current state of literacy in America
By Ryan Nagelhout 03/24/2023 12:05 PM EDT
A panel of four experts explored how educators and parents can help adolescents manage their mental health
By News editor 02/08/2023 4:01 PM EST
How caregivers and educators can support the mental well-being of rural and indigenous youth
By News editor 01/25/2023 3:22 PM EST
How new innovations in remote learning can be harnessed to improve instruction in classrooms and make up for learning missed during the pandemic
By 11/17/2022 9:28 AM EST
It will take a Herculean effort to make up for learning loss during the pandemic
By Jill Anderson 11/04/2022 3:10 PM EDT
Professors Heather Hill and Jon Star reflect on how COVID impacted math teaching and learning — and where we go next
By News editor 10/28/2022 3:48 PM EDT
The Education Recovery Scorecard, from researchers at Harvard and Stanford, equips state and local leaders with detailed information to re-calibrate recovery plans