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cognitive development Stories

By 03/21/2016 12:14 PM EDT
Messy strands of yarn coming together to form lightbulb
By Leah Shafer 03/08/2016 12:34 PM EST
Music Lessons
Tracing links between musical training and executive function — and bolstering the case for music in schools.
By 10/01/2015 4:20 PM EDT
Bilingualism as a Life Experience
By Sophie Barnes, Rebecca Bailey 09/21/2015 12:32 AM EDT
Animated characters from the Pixar film Inside Out
A Hollywood primer on emotions, feelings, and behavior — with teachable moments for educators and parents.
By Lory Hough 08/24/2015 11:30 PM EDT
Beyond Average
Lecturer Todd Rose, Ed.M.’01, Ed.D.’07, wants you to understand that when it comes to people, including students, we have to stop believing that there is such a thing as average.
By Bari Walsh 05/07/2015 1:38 PM EDT
Photo of father and young son
Turning everyday moments into brain-building blockbusters for young children.
By Bari Walsh, Iman Rastegari 02/24/2015 1:59 PM EST
In a video roundtable, HGSE faculty consider the biggest question of all.
By Bari Walsh 11/12/2014 10:07 AM EST
teenage students with backpacks
Activities to help teens set goals, stay organized, and keep themselves on track.