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Addressing Education's Challenges


HGSE believes that solving education's challenges is possible — through rigorous research, innovative practices grounded in evidence, and collaborations among schools, policymakers, and communities. In a new publication, we explore those challenges and highlight strategies to improve outcomes, expand opportunity, and shape policy and practice. 

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HGSE Announces Ambitious Redesign of Master's Programs in Education

In 2021, HGSE announced two major evolutions in its approach to graduate training in education. First, it announced an ambitious curricular overhaul of its flagship residential master's program — aimed at defining foundational competencies for the field and elevating the role of the education professional. Then, it announced the launch of the school's first-ever online master's degree program — for experienced educators seeking a career-embedded part-time degree to build their leadership in K-12 or higher education settings.

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Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak

HGSE responds to the coronavirus pandemic with health and safety protocols for our campus and sources of expert guidance for practitioners and leaders. Featuring editorial series about managing the crisis at its outset, the challenges of reopening schools for the 2020-2021 school year, and ongoing series about teaching, leading, and parenting in a time of change and disruption.

Education Now

A broadcast series — aired live on Zoom and streamed on YouTube and Facebook — providing actionable insights for educators, leaders, and families. Access the Education Now webinars on our YouTube playlist.


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