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Addressing Education's Challenges


HGSE believes that solving education's challenges is possible — through rigorous research, innovative practices grounded in evidence, and collaborations among schools, policymakers, and communities. In a new publication, we explore those challenges and highlight strategies to improve outcomes, expand opportunity, and shape policy and practice. 

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HGSE Announces Plans for Online Learning in 2020-2021

In a message to the HGSE community, Dean Bridget Long announced that the school will offer a fully online learning experience for the next academic year. The announcement comes in response to continuing public health concerns in the wake of COVID-19. "Based on our specific context, programs, and diverse student body, we are not confident that we can bring students to the HGSE campus in a safe, equitable, and sustained way," according to Long's statement, which outlined an online learning program that will be rigorous, active, innovative, and connective.

Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak

An ongoing series about how educators, school leaders, and families can respond to change and disruption, build resilience, and help young people learn and thrive at home.  

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Education Now

A new initiative featuring a webinar series and perspectives from Harvard faculty, as well as our Usable Knowledge series on coronavirus response, all aimed at providing guidance for educators and families during the current crisis in education.

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