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Faculty at Harvard Graduate School of Education are available to share their research, analysis, and perspective on a number of topics related to education news. Search our faculty by expertise or contact Yarice Hidalgo, assistant dean for communications and marketing at HGSE, by email or phone, 617.495.3328.


Timely Topics

Timely Topics


Sexual harassment and misogyny


How can parents help address pervasive sexual harassment among teens? What accountability is required for institutions, schools, colleges, and workplaces to help change cultures of misogyny?

Key Faculty: Richard Weissbourd

Related Stories: What Parents Can Do to Stop Sexual Harassment

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and undocumented students

Educators, communities, and families are facing uncertainties as policymakers work to finalize legislation and determine what the future for Dreamers will hold.  

Key Faculty and Initiatives: Roberto Gonzales, The Immigration Initiative at Harvard

Related Stories: Humanitarianism and Mass Migration | Supporting Undocumented Students | Opening Access | Undocumented Immigrants Brace for the Trump Administration


News Highlights


News Highlights

Economist to Lead Harvard School of Education

Bridget Terry Long, a scholar who studies the economics of higher education, will become the next dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, succeeding James E. Ryan, who is stepping down to become president of the University of Virginia. (Inside Higher Ed: May 3)

‘Assume the Worst’: This Isn’t Your Ordinary Graduation Speech

Mention of HGSE alum Donovan Livingston's 2016 Convocation address, "Lift Off." (The New York Times: May 18)

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Coverage of HGSE's 2018 Convocation Exercises and an address from alum and former president of Morehouse College, John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. "Wilson urged the soon-to-be graduates to engage with the “freedom energy” of the moment, in a give and take: “inform it and be informed by it; inspire it and be inspired by it; elevate it and be elevated by it.” (Harvard Magazine: May 23)

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