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Faculty at Harvard Graduate School of Education are available to share their research, analysis, and perspective on a number of topics related to education news. Search our faculty by expertise or contact Casey Bayer, senior media relations officer, by email or phone, 617.495.8377.


Timely Topics

Timely Topics

Tax reform and its impact on higher education

From provisions in a House bill that passed that would tax graduate students' tuition, to a tax on university endowments in both the House and Senate bills, the tax reform currently moving through Congress has caused a lot of anxiety among students, and an opportunity for institutions of higher education to reflect on how they message their value to society, and what they might need to change in the wake of new tax legislation. 

Key Faculty: James Soto Antony | Anthony A Jack | David J. Deming | Bridget Terry Long

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Sexual harassment and misogyny

How can parents help address pervasive sexual harassment among teens? What accountability is required for institutions, schools, colleges, and workplaces to help change cultures of misogyny?

Key Faculty: Richard Weissbourd

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Educational Opportunities

Harvard University President Drew Faust sent a letter to President Donald Trump expressing her concern about reports that the administration plans to eliminate DACA and sharing her perspective on the impact the program has had on undocumented students at Harvard and across the country. The struggles and challenges undocumented students face and the supports they need in our educational system is an ongoing effort and touches many different sectors of education - from K-12 to higher ed. 

Key Faculty: Roberto Gonzales

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News Highlights


News Highlights

U.S. Schoolchildren tumble in intrnational reading exam rankings, worrying educators

Marty West discusses the impact the Great Recession may have had on school systems and what that means for improving educational outcomes for the most challenged students. (The Washington Post: December 5)

Make College Free? Not So Fast. New Study Shows That Students Are Helped by Making College Better, Not Cheaper

New research from David Deming has found that students benefit far more when schools spend to improve their academics rather than lower their prices.

New Analysis Finds Long-Lasting Benefits From Early-Childhood Education

Details a study conducted by a team of researchers, led by Professors Dana Charles McCoy and Jack Shonkoff, which demonstrates the long-lasting benefits of quality early childhood education. (Education Week: November 16)

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