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Faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education are available to share their research, analysis, and perspective on a number of topics related to education news. Search our faculty by expertise or contact Bari Walsh, director of editorial strategy at HGSE, by email or phone, at 617-495-9078.


Timely Topics

Timely Topics


Social-Emotional Learning

HGSE is leading the work to define and disseminate best practices and effective solutions in social-emotional learning. Explore SEL, a new digital hub for the SEL field, provides vetted resources for district-level and national policymakers trying to select the social-emotional frameworks and curricula to meet local needs.  

Key faculty and initiatives: Stephanie JonesExplore SEL
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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and undocumented students

Educators, communities, and families are facing uncertainties as policymakers work to finalize legislation and determine what the future for Dreamers will hold. Through ongoing research and scholarship, knowledge-sharing with educators, and collaboration with immigrant communities, HGSE is helping to provide accurate information to shape policy and drive public understanding.

Key Faculty and Initiatives: Roberto GonzalesThe Immigration Initiative at Harvard
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News Highlights


News Highlights


Do Parents Really Want School Integration?

In a new report, HGSE's Making Caring Common initiative finds widespread support among American parents for the idea of sending their kids to schools that are well integrated — but it also finds that when given the choice, families tend to pick schools that further segregate the system. (Quartz)

Building Healthy Communities

The Education Redesign Lab partnered with the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health for a conversation on intersections between the healthcare system and education outcomes for students. (HGSE's Usable Knowledge)

Assessing DACA

DACA has transformed young immigrants' lives, a new report by Roberto Gonzales says. Will the Supreme Court save it? (NBC News)

School Counselors Support Students; Are We Supporting Them?

Mandy Savitz-Romer writes about one way to level the playing field in college admissions: Invest in school counselors. (Education Week)

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