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Master's Degree Program

Personalized Pathways

As you consider HGSE for your master’s degree, you may be looking at the types of education outcomes you want to address — from cultivating student success for all learners to understanding how to leverage policy to expand the reach of education practices. You also may be examining the types of roles that can help you deliver on these and other desired outcomes — positions that range from principal to policy analyst, counselor to curriculum designer, or museum educator to elementary school teacher, to name a few.
The HGSE master’s program can help you make these outcomes a reality through a personalized learning pathways that allows you to tailor your academic courses, real-world experiences, and community learning opportunities to best fit your objectives, interests, and needs. Our customizable curriculum also offers you the opportunity to take courses at other schools throughout the Harvard University system.
Through the three pillars that make up the Ed.M. — Foundations, Programs, and Concentrations — as well as Electives and Community Learning opportunities, our master’s program enables you to craft a customized set of enriching experiences that allow you to gain the skills you need for a long-term, impactful career in education. 

Here are several examples that illustrate how you can personalize your own learning pathway:

Pathway Example: International Education Policy 

If your career aim is to design and develop education policy on a global scale, you can craft the following education path: 

Personalized Pathway for International Education Policy = Begin with Evidence Foundation + Education Policy Analysis Program + Global, International, and Comparative Education Concentration + Opp with HGSE's Global Community

Possible careers include:

  • International education policy consultant
  • Policy official for international government

Pathway Example: Higher Education Administration

For students interested in working toward a leadership role in higher education, you can customize the following career path: 

Personalized Pathways for Higher Education + Leading Change Foundation + Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship Program +  Higher Education Concentration + Opp with PELP, HSGE, and HBS

Possible careers include: 

  • College or university administrator
  • Higher education strategic consultant

Pathway Example: Arts-Focused Youth Organizer

If your career goal involves working with an afterschool, camp, or youth organization focused on the arts, take a look at a potential pathway below: 

Personalized Pathways - How People Learn Foundation Course + Human Development and Education Program + Arts and Learning Concentration +  Vibrant Arts Community in and Around Campus

Possible careers include: 

  • Afterschool arts program administrator
  • Art camp director
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