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Master's Programs

Learning and Teaching

In the Learning and Teaching (L&T) Program, you will join a diverse cohort of educators striving to make a greater impact in the lives of all learners as schoolwide leaders and education reformers. Together, you will explore topics as varied as school reform and design; arts and technology in the classroom; theories of teaching and learning; adult and adolescent development; race, class, and gender dynamics; and the history and future of education in America.

The L&T curriculum is both broad and flexible, you can tailor your coursework to fit a wide variety of career goals and organizational settings, both inside and outside of schools.

I love how this program brings people together from across continents and sectors who are united in their passion for understanding how people learn and what great teaching can look like.

Senior Lecturer Kathryn Boudett, faculty director

  • Cohort and Community – You will gain unique insights from the diverse experiences and perspectives of your classmates. The tight-knit sense of community among L&T students extends beyond graduation, building a strong and extensive professional network.
  • Fieldwork and Internships – All L&T students are encouraged to pursue for-credit internships with public schools and education reform initiatives across Cambridge and Boston. L&T faculty and staff will help you connect with the perfect internship opportunity through the Field Experience Program (FEP).

Curriculum Information

The L&T curriculum is fully customizable to match your academic interests and professional goals.

Generalist Strand

You will complete eight courses (32 credits) in total. Five courses from the list of L&T approved courses, preferably two from the list of core/foundational courses, and three electives. One course should address the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you find courses not included on this, that align with your personal goals, you can petition to have them count as requirements.

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Instructional Leadership Strand

Designed for K-12 public and independent schools teachers with at least three years of experience who are ready to take on new leadership roles in their schools, the Instructional Leadership (IL) strand at HGSE is rooted in Marshall Ganz’s definition of leadership: “Leadership is accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty.” With this definition as a guide, learners in the IL strand develop their capacity for outstanding professional practice in their own classrooms and content areas and their ability to lead other adult learners in promoting joyful, equitable, rigorous and transformative learning through actions such as one-on-one coaching and mentoring; reflective, evidence-based decision-making; and facilitation of effective, collaborative group processes.

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Students in the IL strand must enroll in the required 4-credit, year-long Practicum in Instructional Leadership, taught by Sarah Leibel, which includes three components:

  1. A day-long leadership training during HGSE Orientation
  2. Class meetings on alternating scheduled Mondays
  3. A fall internship of approximately 50 hours (6-8 hours per week in October and November) at an organization where you will be able to both observe exemplary instructional leadership in action and practice it for yourself. If you are interested in a arranging a second internship for course credit, you may do in the spring semester by enrolling in S997, the Field Experience Program.

In addition, IL students must complete at least 12 credits that help build instructional leadership competencies that will best serve career goals. The IL strand of the Learning and Teaching program is a flexible pathway that enables a personalized course of study to fit prior experience, skills and career goals.

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Program Faculty

HGSE consists of a faculty of the whole and students can work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty that L&T students most often work with include:


Alumni and Student Profiles

L&T alumni are working in a wide variety of educational leadership roles. Many L&T graduates are teacher leaders in traditional public, charter, independent, and international schools. Other have taken on schoolwide roles as instructional leaders, curriculum developers, content coaches, department directors, educational coordinators, ESL coordinators, guidance counselors, and heads of schools. L&T alumni also thrive in positions in out-of-school settings, such as museum educators, outdoor educators, medical school instructors, and more.

Morgan Barazza

Addressing a Classroom's Diverse Needs: Morgan Barraza, L&T'18

The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for Learning and Teaching reflects on her time at HGSE and looks toward the future.

Charlotte Dungan

A School of Their Own

How one alum’s new learning center in North Carolina could redefine homeschooling.

Connect with Admissions

More information about our admissions application requirements and instructions, tuition and financial aid, and answers to frequently asked questions is available on our website. If you have additional admissions-related questions, please contact Alicia Peralta or call 617.495.3414.


Connect with Program Staff

If you have remaining program-specific questions, reach out to the L&T Program Administrator Rilda Kissel or call 617-495-3543.

Virtual Information Sessions

View the Learning and Teaching recorded virtual information session to learn more about the program from faculty, students, and staff.