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Master's Programs

Learning and Teaching

HGSE is dedicated to helping you prepare for an impactful career in education by offering powerful learning experiences and field-based opportunities that will develop critical, professional skills. We are updating our Master’s in Education (Ed.M.) curriculum and structure for academic year 2021-22. The new structure builds on the strengths of our current offerings, and we will continue to support the same range of subjects and roles that are a part of our current degree program. Additionally, the experience will still be one year. Complete the Introduce Yourself form to stay informed about the details of the new Master’s degree program.

In the Learning and Teaching (L&T) Program, you will join a diverse cohort of educators striving to make a greater impact in the lives of all learners as schoolwide leaders and education reformers. Together, you will explore topics as varied as school reform and design; arts and technology in the classroom; theories of teaching and learning; adult and adolescent development; race, class, and gender dynamics; and the history and future of education in America.

The L&T curriculum is both broad and flexible, you can tailor your coursework to fit a wide variety of career goals and organizational settings, both inside and outside of schools.

I love how this program brings people together from across continents and sectors who are united in their passion for understanding how people learn and what great teaching can look like.

Senior Lecturer Kathryn Boudett, faculty director

  • Cohort and Community – You will gain unique insights from the diverse experiences and perspectives of your classmates. The tight-knit sense of community among L&T students extends beyond graduation, building a strong and extensive professional network.
  • Fieldwork and Internships – All L&T students are encouraged to pursue for-credit internships with public schools and education reform initiatives across Cambridge and Boston. L&T faculty and staff will help you connect with the perfect internship opportunity through the Field Experience Program (FEP).

Curriculum Information

The L&T curriculum is fully customizable to match your academic interests and professional goals.

Generalist Strand

You will complete eight courses (32 credits) in total: five courses from the list of L&T approved courses and three electives. One course should address the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you find courses not included on this, that align with your personal goals, you can petition to have them count as requirements.

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  • A011D The Art of Communication for Educators (fall)
  • A111P Public Narrative: Self, Us, Now (fall)
  • A111Q Public Narrative: Loss, Difference, Power, and Change (fall)
  • A021 Leadership in Social-Change Organizations (fall)
  • A024 Politics and Education Policy in the US (fall)
  • A027 Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofit Organizations (fall)
  • A123 Teacher and Teaching Quality (fall)
  • A125 State Education Policy: A Practicum (fall)
  • A162 The Art and Science of Portraiture (fall)
  • A337Y Equity and Inclusion Leadership Practicum (fall)
  • A305 Deeper Learning for All: Designing a Twenty-First Century School System (fall)
  • A404 The History of African American Education (fall)
  • A418 The History of Schooling in America (fall)
  • A501 Negotiation Workshop (fall)
  • A608 Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning (fall)
  • A710Q Facilitating Professional Learning for Adults (fall)
  • A810E Power and History at School: Colonialism and Neocolonialism in International Education Development (fall)
  • A810H Equity and Inequality in Contemporary China (fall)
  • H110L Becoming an Expert Learner (fall)
  • H115 Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, and Education (fall)
  • H208 Empowering Human Relationships Across Developmental Context (fall)
  • H205 College Student Development: New Insights and Practical Applications (fall)
  • H208 Empowering Human Relationships Across Developmental Context (fall)
  • H233Y Exploring Quality in Early Childhood Education: Predicting Academic and Social Outcomes (fall)
  • H250 Developmental Psychology (fall)
  • H305 Student Mental Health for Educators (fall)
  • H307 Institutional and Community-Based Strategies to Support Children and Strengthen Families (fall)
  • H310M Establishing Loving Spaces for Learning: Gender and Sexuality in Schools (fall)
  • H331 Risk and Resilience in Social Contexts (fall)
  • H370 Youth Interpretations of Humanistic Stories: Finding Themes, Promoting Multi-Media Literacy (fall)
  • H382 The Challenges Kids Face: Developmental, Cultural, and Contextual Perspective on Risk and Resilience (fall)
  • H389B Supporting Adolescents in Schools
  • H392 Childhood Trauma: Dynamics, Interventions, and Cross Cultural Perspectives (fall)
  • H517 Contemporary Immigration Policy and Education Practice (fall)
  • H608 Ethnic - Racial Identity Development (fall)
  • H700 From Language to Literacy (fall)
  • H803 Adolescent Literacy: Students, Teachers, Classrooms, Schools, and Districts (fall)
  • H810F Children’s Literature (fall)
  • H813 Bilingual Learners: Literacy Development and Instruction (fall)
  • H818 Reading Instruction and Development (fall)
  • HT820 Introduction to Psychoeducational Assessment (fall)
  • S012 Introduction to Statistics for Educational Research (fall)
  • S040 Introductory and Intermediate Statistics for Educational Research: Applied Linear Regression (fall)
  • S105 Philosophy of Education (fall)
  • S121 Art and Understanding (fall)
  • S465 Black Studies and Education Research (fall)
  • T002 Critical Race Theory in Education (fall)
  • T003 Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Understanding and Leveraging Hip Hop (fall)
  • T004 Ethnic Studies and Education (fall)
  • T010G From Plantations to Prisons: Justice, Punishment, and Learning (fall)
  • T0101H Eye Contact, Relationships, and Education (fall)
  • T014 Critical Theory: Identity, Politics, and Practice (fall)
  • T127 Teaching and Learning Lab Practicum (fall)
  • T211B Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Understanding and Leveraging Hip Hop (fall)
  • T402 Group Learning (fall)
  • T406 Educating Incarcerated Youth: Practice, Research, Policy and Advocacy (fall)
  • T440 Teaching and Learning "The Having of Wonderful Ideas" (fall)
  • T519 Digital Fabrication and Making in Education (fall)
  • T522 Innovation by Design: Projects in Educational Tech (fall)
  • T550 Designing for Learning by Creating (fall)
  • T560 Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences (fall)
  • T561 Transforming Education Through Emerging Technologies (fall)
  • A101 Native Americans in the 21st Century: Nation Building I
  • A111J Critical Issues in Special Education Policy and Practice (winter)
  • A111G Debating Education Policy (winter)
  • A111R Elements of Effective Family-School Partnerships (winter)
  • A310G Data Wise: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning (winter)
  • A510A Fugitive Negotiation: Negotiating Power, Space and Purpose with/in Educational Institutions (winter)
  • A613 Social Relationships and Networking in School Organizations (winter)
  • H110G Learning in a Globalized World (winter)
  • HT113 Research Practicum for Micro schools (winter)
  • HT123 Informal Learning for Children(winter)
  • H310W Developing Effective School and Community Interventions for At Risk Children (winter)
  • H610K Intergroup Dialogue, Race, and Identity (winter)
  • S011E Understanding Today's Educational Testing (winter)
  • S3025 Slow Look: Learning Through Observations in Museum and Beyond (winter)
  • T210M Writing Workshop (winter)
  • T234 Teaching and Learning by the Case Method (winter)
  • T537 Rapid Prototyping of Educational Products (winter)
  • A011B Collaborative and Participatory Evaluation (winter)
  • A111C Politics and Education Change: Case Studies (fall)
  • A122 Mapp The Why, What, and How of School, Family, and Community Partnerships (fall)
  • A027 Honan Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofit Organizations (fall)
  • A132 ReimersEducational Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Comparative Perspective (fall)
  • A134 RevilleRedesigning Educational Systems for a 21st Century (fall)
  • A135 Honan Educational Entrepreneurship (fall)
  • A142 Carlana Analyzing Education Policy (fall)
  • A164 KaneProgram Evaluation and Educational Policy (fall)
  • A203 Fay Educational Ethics (fall)
  • A210H Federal Education Policy in Action (fall)
  • A310R Independent Schools: Leadership, Opportunities, and Challenges (fall)
  • A310V EvansLeveraging Change Through Education Teacher Communities (fall)
  • A318 Hoffman New Pathways for College and Career Readiness: Integrated Academic and Social-Emotional Supports for Students (fall)
  • A320Building a Democratic School: School Design Workshop (fall)
  • A322 School Systems (fall)
  • A406 The American School and Racial Formation (fall)
  • A501M Negotiation Workshop (fall)
  • A608 Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning (fall)
  • A612 Organizing: People, Power, and Change (fall)
  • A710H Community Colleges and the Advancement of Educational and Economic Opportunity (fall)
  • A710Q Facilitating Professional Learning for Adults (fall)
  • A816 Education in Armed Conflict (fall)
  • AH103 Educational Outcomes in Cross - National and Cross-Cultural Perspectives (fall)
  • H137 Emotion in Development and Learning: Usable Knowledge, Variability, and Context (fall)
  • H234Y Exploring Quality in Early Childhood Education: Predicting Academic and Social Outcomes (fall)
  • H311 Issues of Diversity in Cross-Cultural Counseling and Advocacy (fall)
  • H341 Inventing the Future: Building Connections from School to Career (fall)
  • H401 Communicating and Advocating about Children and Families (fall)
  • H510B Growing up Sin Papeles: Developmental Implications for Mixed-Status Families (fall)
  • H606 Mindfulness for Inner Strengths and Social Challenges (fall)
  • H610R Integrating Knowledge into Practice (fall)
  • H810D Supporting Emergent Bilinguals in Early Childhood (fall)
  • H860 Reading Difficulties (fall)
  • HT108 Individuality and Personalization in Education (fall)
  • S022 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Science in Education (fall)
  • S290 Quantitative Methods for Improving Casual Inference in Educational Research (fall)
  • S501 Partnering with Youth in Educational Research and Practice (fall)
  • S515 Emancipatory Inquiry: Listening, Learning, and Acting for Change (fall)
  • T010T Helping Others to Make Transformational Change: The Immunity to Change approach (fall)
  • T006 Adult Development (fall)
  • T008 Power and Pedagogy: Self, Society, and Transformation (fall)
  • T017 Alternative Modes of Education: Non-European, Radical, and Utopian (fall)
  • T211D Education on the Move: Examining What Movement Can Teach Across Education (fall)
  • T211H Educational Psychology: Classroom Implications (fall)
  • T014 Educating to Transform Society: Preparing Students to Disrupt and Dismantle Racism (fall)
  • T127 Teaching and Learning Practicum (fall)
  • T217 Designing K-12 Computer Science Learning Experiences (fall)
  • T139 Investigating Learning and Teaching through the Close Collaborative Examination of Student and Teacher Work (fall)
  • T514 Multimodal Learning Analytics (fall)
  • T513 Adaptive Learning (fall)
  • T510T Motivation and Learning: Technologies that Invite and Immerse (fall)
  • T513 Adaptive Learning: Investigations and Exercises (fall)
  • T525 Connected Teaching in the Digital Age (fall)
  • T543 Applying Cognitive Science to Learning and Teaching (fall)
  • T905 Leading the Profession: Teacher Empowerment and Activism (fall)

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Instructional Leadership Strand

Designed for K-12 public and independent schools teachers with at least three years of experience who are ready to take on new leadership roles in their schools, the Instructional Leadership (IL) strand at HGSE is rooted in Marshall Ganz’s definition of leadership: “Leadership is accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty.” With this definition as a guide, learners in the IL strand develop their capacity for outstanding professional practice in their own classrooms and content areas and their ability to lead other adult learners in promoting joyful, equitable, rigorous and transformative learning through actions such as one-on-one coaching and mentoring; reflective, evidence-based decision-making; and facilitation of effective, collaborative group processes.

The IL strand of the Learning and Teaching Program is a flexible pathway that enables you to personalize a course of study to fit your prior experience, skills and career goals. 

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Components of the IL strand include:

  1. A required day-long leadership training before the Fall semester begins
  2. Meeting at least once per semester with faculty advisor, a HGSE faculty member who is an experienced instructional leader
  3. Completing at least 12 credits that help build instructional leadership compentencies that will best serve your career goals. As part of your IL credits it is strongly recommended that students enroll in A710Q: Facilitating Professional Learning for Adults.
  4. Alternatly (or addition) to taking an internship for course credit, you may choose to develop expertise in coaching novice teachers by serving as Field Advisors to HGSE students who are aspiring teachers.
Instructional Leadership Course List
  • A310G Data Wise: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning (January)
  • A011B Learning from Practice: Evaluation and Improvement Science (spring)
  • A710Q Facilitating & Designing Adult Learning (spring)
  • T139 Investigating Learning and Teaching Through Close Collaborative Examination of Student and Teacher Work (spring)
  • T010T Immunity to Change (spring)
  • T440 Teaching and Learning: "The Having of Wonderful Ideas" (fall)
  • T550 Designing for Learning by Creating (fall)
  • A123 Teacher and Teaching Quality (fall)
  • T006 Adult Development (spring)
  • T014 Educating to Transform Society: Preparing Students to Disrupt and Dismantle Racism (spring)
  • A011B Learning from Practice: Evaluation and Improvement Science (spring)
  • S515 Emancipatory Inquiry: Preparing Students to Disrupt and Dismantle Racism (spring)
  • A117 Implementing Inclusive Education (fall)
  • T004 Ethnic Studies and Education (fall)
  • T210Z1 Dimensions of Diversity: English Language Learners (spring)
  • A111P Public Narrative (fall)
  • A111Q Public Narrative: Loss, Difference, Power, and Change (fall)
  • S012 Empirical Methods (fall)
  • S011 Understanding Today's Educational Testing (spring)
  • A203 Educational Justice (spring)
  • A021 Leadership in Social Change Organizations (fall)
  • H310M Establishing Loving Spaces for Learning: Preventing Bullying and Discrimination (fall)
  • S521 Qualitative Investigations of Educational Inequities (fall)
  • T010F Reconsidering Merit(ocracy) in K-12, Higher Ed, and Beyond (spring)
  • T008 Power and Pedagogy: Self, Society, and Transformation (spring)
  • T402 Group Learning (fall)
  • H606 Mindfulness for Inner Strengths and Social Challenges
  • A501 Negotiation Workshop
  • *T215 Teaching Science (fall)
  • *T212 Teaching English (fall)
  • *T214 Teaching Mathematics (fall)
  • *T213 Teaching History, Political Science, or Social Studies (fall)
  • H810H Introduction to Literacy Coaching (fall)
  • A111R Elements of Effective Family-School Partnerships (January)
  • A122 The Why, What, and How of School, Family, and Community Partnerships (spring)
  • S997 Field Experience Program

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Program Faculty

HGSE consists of a faculty of the whole and students can work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty that L&T students most often work with include:


Alumni and Student Profiles

L&T alumni are working in a wide variety of educational leadership roles. Many L&T graduates are teacher leaders in traditional public, charter, independent, and international schools. Other have taken on schoolwide roles as instructional leaders, curriculum developers, content coaches, department directors, educational coordinators, ESL coordinators, guidance counselors, and heads of schools. L&T alumni also thrive in positions in out-of-school settings, such as museum educators, outdoor educators, medical school instructors, and more.

Damaris Altomerianos

The Joy of Collective Learning: Damaris Altomerianos, L&T'19

The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for Learning and Teaching reflects on her time at HGSE and looks toward the future.

Reimagining Asian

New Voices, New Media Narratives

Actors and creatives gather at HGSE to explore how the pop culture landscape is shifting for Asian stories, defying stereotype and allowing authentic identities.

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