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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.

Dean Ryan Runs for Teachers

This year, on April 17, Dean Jim Ryan is running the Boston Marathon for teachers! He asked the HGSE community to sponsor each of the 26 miles of his race by supporting financial aid for HGSE students. Each sponsor has named an educator for Dean Ryan to honor during his run.

Dean Ryan is proud to honor the following educators:

  1. Howard Gardner
  2. Mary Dunn
  3. Anna Ridenour Klippert
  4. Orpha Primm Ridenour
  5. Benjamin Rowland
  6. James Pine
  7. Richard Murnane
  8. Maggie MacDonnell
  9. Liz Whisnant
  10. Bob Kegan
  11. Mary Anne Richey
  12. Laurenne Moreland
  13. Maggie Claudy
  14. Lalise Melillo
  15. Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz
  16. Mary Skipper
  17. Class of 2017
  18. Susan Morehouse
  19. Jonathan Schwartz
  20. Steve Seidel
  21. Julie Fehn
  22. Jack Shonkoff
  23. Chris Dede
  24. Bob Selman
  25. Joe Blatt
  26. Cheryl Williams

Other supporters of financial aid for HGSE students have named educators to honor as part of Dean Ryan’s run. Dean Ryan is proud to recognize the following people as well:

  • Melisa Rice
  • President Drew Gilpin Faust

Watching the Boston Marathon this year? Make sure to let us know if you spot Dean Ryan along the marathon route from Hopkinton to Boston, by including @DeanJimRyan in your tweet to show your support.

On behalf of teachers, educators, and HGSE students, thank you for your support, and go Dean Ryan!