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Gutman Library

Facilities and Equipment

Academic Year 2020-2021: Accessing Materials and Using Services


Gutman Library computers are available to users on the library's second and fourth floors. Windows-based PCs are available to HGSE students on the second and fourth floors and Mac computers are available to all other library users on the library's second floor. Computers provide access to the internet as well as to Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.). Printing is available from computer stations and mobile devices. The charge for B/W single-sided is $0.04 per page or $.06 double-sided. Color printing is $.12 single-sided or $.18 double-sided.

For more details on how to print at the Gutman Library, please see our Printing at HGSE guide.

On the second and fourth floor PCs research applications are available to HGSE affiliates with an HGSE network login. These applications include: ATLAS.ti, GPower, IBM SPSS Statistics, NVivo 12, Optimal Design, R, RStudio, Stata, and Stat Transfer 14.

Copying & Scanning

The print stations on the second floor will print, photocopy or scan documents. Copies are $0.04 for single-sided or $.06 for double-sided. Scanning is free.

Discussion Rooms

Gutman provides HGSE students with small discussion rooms that accommodate four to five people. Students should use the Events Registration System to reserve a room for up to four hours at a time during library hours.

Exhibit Space

Visit Gutman Gallery online. For more information or to ask about installing an exhibit, contact gallery staff.

Headphones and more

Headphones, power cords, phone chargers and equipment to support HGSE course assignments are available for loan at the Main Desk on the second floor.

Microfilm and Microfiche

A reader/scanner/printer for microfilm and microfiche is available in the Reference area on the second floor. Pages can be printed or saved. Printing is $.04 per page or $.06 for doubled-sided and requires Crimson Cash.