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Gutman Library

Alumni and Visitor Services

Gutman Library Access and Borrowing

HGSE Alumni
  • Access: Until further notice, HGSE alumni who do not have a currently active HUID do not have access to the HGSE campus. (See HGSE Visitor Policy.) 
  • Borrowing: all HGSE alumni (including those with a pre-2020 HGSE Special Borrower Card) should apply for a Borrower Card from the Harvard Library Access and Borrowing Office that will give them ability to borrow from select libraries across Harvard’s campus, including Gutman Library.
    • Though HGSE alumni without an active HUID cannot access HGSE campus, those with current Borrower Cards can request physical materials from the Gutman Library collection in HOLLIS and pickup those materials from locations on campus that are open to alumni and other special visitors.
Visitors and Other Harvard Alumni
  • When Gutman Library and its Special Collections and archives re-open to visitors and alumni of other Harvard schools, visitors and alumni must present identification at the 1st floor entrance desk and sign in with security. 
  • Gutman Library’s Special Collections and archives are not currently open to alumni or visitors. 

Other Harvard Libraries Access and Borrowing

Some of Harvard’s libraries are open for in-person use by Special Borrowers, including alumni, and Visiting Researchers. Check the Harvard Library Visitor access website for the latest information on which libraries are open for in-person visitor access and whether they have special requirements for using and accessing the library (e.g., making an appointment).

Electronic Resources for HGSE Alumni

Off-site Access to Electronic Resources
Additional Resources
Electronic Resources available through Public Libraries
  • Many public libraries throughout the country provide access to electronic resources within their library and remotely. Contact your local public library for more information or check their website. Most Massachusetts residents can access online databases through Massachusetts Libraries, using the barcode on their public library card.

Questions and Research Appointments 

Quick questions? Visit Gutman Library’s FAQs and Ask Us page.   

Overwhelmed by choices? Need help researching a new subject area? Schedule a virtual appointment with Gutman Library’s Research Services librarians.