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Gutman Library

Request for Library Purchase

Update: Purchase Requests during COVID-19 Campus Closure

Gutman Library's physical building and the HGSE campus remain closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. During this period, Gutman Library will be filling purchase requests, including required course materials, in digital format only. Please continue to use our purchase request form to submit your requests, and we will contact you to further discuss your submission.

Exceptions for HGSE Faculty:

Under certain conditions, Gutman Library may purchase and coordinate a special delivery of new print materials to your home while campus remains closed. Gutman Library may be able to purchase materials for you when your request is not available in a digital format; is not available to borrow from another open library on campus; is not being used for an HGSE course; and is available for delivery from Faculty should continue to use the purchase request form to submit requests. Please contact Rebecca Martin, Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly Communication, with additional questions.

Purchase Requests

Gutman Library welcomes purchase requests for books, films, journals, databases, datasets, or other research material that supports the research, teaching, and learning needs of the HGSE community, including required course materials. Please read our FAQs if you have questions about how we evaluate purchase requests.

Please use the Gutman Library purchase request form to provide information about research materials or required course materials you would like Gutman Library to acquire.