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Gutman Library

About the Library


The mission of the Monroe C. Gutman Library is to support the teaching and research of the Harvard Graduate School of Education by providing access to information in the field of education, teaching the use of information resources, and supporting the collections, equipment, and staff in a manner ensuring that the library will remain a leader among education libraries.

A Brief History of Monroe C. Gutman Library

Gutman Library opened in 1972. The building's principal benefactor, Monroe C. Gutman (Harvard College 1905), an investment banker, took a deep interest in education; he also funded a professorship in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard and established the Gutman National Scholarships in Harvard College. Mr. Gutman passed away in 1974. In that same year, the Boston Society of Architects awarded the Benjamin Thompson and Associates design the prestigious Harleston Parker Medal.

Gutman Library was the first library building built by the School since its founding in 1920. Previously, there had been a small working collection in Longfellow Hall; however, the main collections supporting the study of education were in Widener Library as well as at other campus locations. With the opening of Gutman, many of Harvard's enormous resources in education, developed continuously from the 17th century, were given a home as an integral part of the School. Widener, Schlesinger, the University Archives, and other libraries and repositories at Harvard contain related resources, making the University a major center for research in all aspects of education.

Gutman's first and second floors host the library administration and services, the books and periodicals stacks, computer stations, and study areas Please note: Effective November 1, 2017, Gutman's extensive Special Collections materials will not be available for at least one year due to a building renovation. The Gutman building also houses offices for doctoral students, Information Technology (IT), several other HGSE programs, The Commons dining facilities, and the Gutman Conference Center.