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HGSE's Investment in Teaching

From the introduction of the M.A.T. in 1936 to the launch of the Harvard Teacher Fellows in 2015, the Harvard Graduate School of Education has always been committed to developing innovative, equity-minded, and effective teachers. With the new Teaching and Teacher Leadership (TTL) master's program, the school builds on that legacy, centering the vital importance of the teaching profession in creating opportunities across society — for learners, families, and communities everywhere. And graduate study isn't the only commitment HGSE makes to teachers; we engage with educators throughout careers, offering a robust professional education portfolio that serves teachers, teacher leaders, and instructional coaches across preK-12.

Now, with a game-changing gift to support scholarship aid for new and aspiring teachers, HGSE will expand its commitment to nurturing the teaching profession and celebrating its impact. Read more below.


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HGSE’s Teachers — A Lasting Point of Pride


We celebrate the classroom impact of our HGSE teachers — doing the work for equity, opportunity, and rich learning every day.


Read more in 100 Stories of Impact.

A Rich History of Black Educators 


The Black Teacher Archives Project is adding a dynamic new layer to the study of the history of education in the United States.

Black Teacher Archive classroom archival photo

Read more in Harvard Ed. magazine.

The Next Chapter for Teacher Education


The new master’s in Teaching and Teacher Leadership builds on HGSE’s legacy of innovation to advance the preparation of teachers.

HTF Student

Read more in HGSE News. 

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Watch: Teaching and Leading with Compassion

Part of HGSE's Education Now broadcast series, this conversation shares insights from teachers on how to cultivate compassion and leadership in one’s teaching practice — as students and schools grapple with ongoing pandemic-related strains.


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Online Learning

Learn: Applying the Lessons of Remote Education

HGSE offers highly relevant professional development experiences for educators at all levels. One timely example is Action-Planning for the New Normal: Making Sense of Our Time On Screens — a four-week, asynchronous workshop that helps educators in both the K–12 and higher education sectors identify best teaching and learning practices in remote education and incorporate those lessons into future plans for flexible learning. Explore other teacher-focused professional learning experiences at HGSE.

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Teachers and Teaching Stories

Lighthouse illustration by Tete Garcia

(In Three Easy Steps Over 20 Long Years)

Illustration of woman watering a tree on fire

Tina Grotzer explains the challenge teachers face talking about the environment

Children drawing a world map

How educators can emphasize global engagement, intercultural understanding, and dialogue in the classroom

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