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Information for Harvard Undergraduates

Are you interested in exploring the field of education from multiple perspectives — preparing for a high-impact career as a teacher-leader, or examining education from a multidisciplinary viewpoint as part of your undergraduate study? The Harvard Graduate School of Education offers two pathways to pursue your interests and further your academic preparation. Explore these options to see which makes sense for you.

Harvard Teacher Fellows

Harvard Teacher Fellows (HTF) is a combined fellowship and master's program from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), offering an innovative pathway into teaching for Harvard College seniors and alumni committed to making a positive impact in high-need, urban secondary schools. Through a combination of subject-specific training, intensive fieldwork, and personalized coaching and support, fellows earn their Massachusetts teaching license in English, history, math, or science, and have the opportunity to earn a partially subsidized master’s degree from HGSE. Fellows gain extensive classroom experience in a paid, part-time teaching residency placement in cities across the country, and grapple with questions of equity and identity alongside their close cohort community.

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Secondary Field in Educational Studies 

Students in Harvard College have the option of including a secondary field in their plan of study. This is in addition to their primary concentration. The Secondary Field in Educational Studies offers students an opportunity to examine education from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Students pursuing the secondary field may explore a broad overview including course work related to individual learning, schools as organizations, the role of education in society, and educational policy. Alternatively, students may choose to focus in depth on a particular aspect of education such as social stratification, literacy, childhood and adolescence, or policy. The Education Studies secondary leverages this multidisciplinary interest in education and allows students to create a coherent program of study from courses offered across the university.

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