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Information for Harvard Undergraduates

Are you interested in exploring the field of education from multiple perspectives — preparing for a high-impact career as a teacher-leader, or examining education from a multidisciplinary viewpoint as part of your undergraduate study? The Harvard Graduate School of Education offers two pathways to pursue your interests and further your academic preparation. Explore these options to see which makes sense for you.

Teaching and Teacher Leadership

Harvard undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in teaching are encouraged to consider the Teaching and Teacher Leadership (TTL) Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The Harvard Teacher Fellows (HTF) program has now become part of the new Teacher and Teacher Leadership (TTL) program at HGSE — and its residency fieldwork model pathway is based closely on the HTF legacy of excellence. As one of the programs in the residential Master’s in Education (Ed.M.), students will complete the necessary courses and field experiences to pursue a Massachusetts teaching license in English, history, math, or science, allowing them to teach at the middle school or high school levels. Students will engage in a community of practice that enables them to build core competencies, work alongside faculty and school-based mentors, develop lasting networks, and pursue a range of career goals. 

Undergraduates are best suited for the Teaching Licensure strand within TTL, which has two fieldwork models to choose from — residency, where students assume teaching responsibilities near the start of the program, and internship, which ramps up teaching responsibility more gradually. Fellowship support is available through TTL for both the residency and internship models. The deadline for application to the Teaching and Teacher Leadership residency model is November 1, 2022 (11:59 p.m. ET). The deadline for the internship model, as well as the track for more experienced educator-leaders — is January 5, 2023.

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Secondary Field in Educational Studies 

Students in Harvard College have the option of including a secondary field in their plan of study. This is in addition to their primary concentration. The Secondary Field in Educational Studies offers students an opportunity to examine education from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Students pursuing the secondary field may explore a broad overview including course work related to individual learning, schools as organizations, the role of education in society, and educational policy. Alternatively, students may choose to focus in depth on a particular aspect of education such as social stratification, literacy, childhood and adolescence, or policy. The Education Studies secondary leverages this multidisciplinary interest in education and allows students to create a coherent program of study from courses offered across the university.

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