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Financial Aid & Tuition

Students with Families

HGSE is a welcoming and family-friendly campus, with many opportunities for students and their families to stay informed and involved. We understand coming to campus with a partner or family may present challenges. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help make your transition to Cambridge as smooth as possible.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is a vital source of support for students and their families. The OSA website provides a list of many on and off-campus resources.

Additionally, you may contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss options to help meet the cost of childcare, dependent health insurance, and unusual medical expenses.  Additional financial aid for these expenses may be available in the form of a student loan. A Budget Appeal Form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for consideration and approval of non-standard student budget items. Please email the Financial Aid Office to request this form; you may do this up to two months prior to the start of your program or during the academic year.

Please note, the following expenses will not be included in consideration of an appeal: moving expenses, prior debt (including credit card debt), costs associated with automobiles, or expenses related to the support of extended family members (parents, siblings, etc.).

We highly recommend creating a personal budget of your anticipated expenses and resources. This will greatly assist with your planning, and help ensure your future financial success.