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Financial Aid & Tuition

Student Work

The Harvard University Student Employment Office (SEO) is an important resource for all Harvard students seeking employment during their studies. The SEO hosts a database that includes on and off-campus job listings offering a wide range of work opportunities.

Student Employment Office 
86 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617.495.2585

Federal Work Study Program

This program is a need-based federally funded financial aid program offered to eligible U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. Depending on their maximum Federal Work study (FWS) award students can reasonably expect to earn up to $5,000 per year through FWS funding. To be eligible for FWS positions students must apply for financial aid and be awarded FWS funds as part of their financial aid package. FWSP employers pay a percentage of a student's wages and the federal government pays the remainder.

All student job opportunities are managed through the Harvard University Student Employment Office. This site includes information for both students and employers about the eligibility requirements for participation in the FWS program, along with information about hiring. There are numerous opportunities for FWS positions at the University and off campus. Students frequently work in jobs connected with their research or career goals. Students with FWS Awards seek jobs on their own, students are not placed into FWS jobs. Students generally seek positions once they have arrived on campus but may begin searching for positions through the site during the summer.

FWS eligible students complete a referral form for each FWS job. This form is the first step in getting hired to a FWS position, registers the job with the SEO, and enables them to confirm the student's FWS eligibility for the position (based on the amount of the FWS Award and other FWS jobs a student may hold). Students may work more than one job, provided their total earnings through FWS do not exceed the amount of their total FWS award. Each job is given a FWS ceiling set by the SEO; this is the maximum gross amount the student may earn in that position. Students are required to monitor their earnings to be sure they do not exceed their ceilings.

Employers and students may wish to download our Federal Work Study Guide (pdf) for more detailed information about the Federal Work Study Program. This guide includes an overview of the program, a reference for employers, and instructions for getting hired on the FWS payroll.

HGSE Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs helps appoint Ed.D. students to research assistantships and/or teaching fellowships at HGSE. Students should visit this office at Longfellow G039 or call at 617-495-3957 for more information regarding these work opportunities.

HGSE Career Services Office

The Career Services Office assists HGSE alumni and students enrolled in degree programs in formulating career plans. The office serves as a resource and information center by offering current job listings, a career resource library, informational handouts, a semi-monthly job bulletin, individual counseling sessions, as well as workshops on career planning and job-search skills. In addition, the Career Services Office invites educational recruiters to campus, provides data on alumni career paths and salaries, coordinates the annual Career Day Programs, and coordinates student and alumni networks.