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Financial Aid & Tuition

Learn About Aid

HGSE offers a wide range of financial aid programs — for both U.S. citizen/permanent residents and international students — that will help fund your academic success.


Fellowships & Grants

There are several need-based grant and fellowship opportunities administered through the HGSE Financial Aid Office. These funds are normally tied to either the admissions application, the financial aid application, or both, but generally do not require an additional application process.

Learn more about our grant and fellowship opportunities.

Student Work Opportunities

There are extensive work opportunities at HGSE, Harvard, and off campus. Options are available for both internal and external work to U.S. citizen/permanent resident and many international students.

Learn more about student work opportunities.

Student Loans

Student loans are a common financing resource for available to U.S. citizen/permanent resident and international students.

Learn more about student loans.

External Funding

HGSE students are often successful in locating and receiving funding from external sources. These sources can be identified through personal or professional networks, private or public organizations, and many other entities.

Learn more about external funding opportunities.

International Students

International students have other factors to consider for graduate study in the U.S. In addition to the topics above, international students should review more information on our website to help with planning.

Learn more about international student resources.

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