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Financial Aid

Loan Exit Counseling

Loan Exit Counseling is required of all borrowers of Federal Loans upon graduation or withdrawal from HGSE. This process will familiarize you with your rights and responsibilities after you leave school and begin repayment on your loans. It is an important part of being an educated and informed borrower.

If you borrowed a Direct Unsubsidized, Direct Grad PLUS Loan, or HUECU Student Choice Loan while enrolled at HGSE you must complete this requirement. You will use your Federal FSA ID to complete Direct Loan Exit Counseling and should have the names and addresses of two references to include on your exit materials.

Students must complete Loan Exit Counseling to receive their diploma and academic transcript.

Complete Your Loan Exit Counseling Requirements Online

Carefully read all instructions to ensure the successful completion of your exit counseling requirements. The HGSE Financial Aid Office will monitor for completed exit counseling; please contact our office if you have difficulty completing the requirements.

Borrowers will be contacted at their HGSE e-mail address with instructions for completing loan exit counseling.

NOTE: You must complete this process to receive your diploma and academic transcript.

Resources for Student Loan Borrowers

Listed below are links to important websites that you should review or bookmark for future reference. Should you have difficulty with these links please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Find information and online access to your loans through the following sites:

Money Management Tools

Remember to contact all of your individual lenders to communicate address changes and to receive information on your outstanding loans.