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Financial Aid & Tuition

Additional Fellowships

These Harvard-wide fellowships require an application through the HGSE Financial Aid Office or Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships (CGS). These opportunities are available for full-time residential applicants.

(IMPORTANT: Application deadlines posted elsewhere, even within Harvard, may differ from the HGSE deadline. You should check with the appropriate office for answers to questions.)

Fulbright Student Programs

HGSE Students who are U.S. Citizens can apply for one of two types of Fulbright Grants and interview with the HGSE Fulbright Faculty Committee:

English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Awards

This program places grantees in schools overseas to supplement local English language instruction and to provide a native speaking presence in classrooms. The age and academic level of the students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level. Each country has its own language requirements, so be sure to check level of language needed. You can apply to only one country in the ETA program. Offered in 140 countries. 

Open Study/Research Awards

In this program you will design your own project and typically work with advisers at foreign universities. This grant takes longer to secure than a teaching grant because you are responsible not only for the design of the project but also for securing an affiliation with an institute of higher education or other research organization before applying. It is imperative that you read the host country's requirements. Each country varies by length, start date, focus, eligibility and affiliation. Offered in 75 countries.

Those who are interested in applying for the English Teaching Assistance (ETA) or for the Open Study/Research Award as a HGSE-enrolled student or recent graduate should contact Rachel Gakenheimer in the HGSE Career Services Office for more information on timeline and important early September deadlines for the completed HGSE application process. Additional information can be found on the HGSE Career Services website. Refer to the Fulbright information for U.S. Citizens for details on the application process, informational webinars, and program updates.

HGSE International Students should visit the Fulbright for Foreign Students website for information on availability of grants, deadlines, and eligibility requirements specific to their home countries. Your home nation's Fulbright Commission will provide assistance with the application process, as will the resident U.S. embassy.

HGSE Doctoral Students can apply for the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program (DDRA) - Opportunity for doctoral research abroad for U.S. citizens who are planning a teaching career. Applications are processed through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, their deadline is TBD.

Harvard University Traveling Fellowships

HGSE students must apply through the HGSE Financial Aid Office for several traveling fellowships administered by the University's Committee on General Scholarships (see below for information). Awards are made primarily to U.S. citizens. An interview with the faculty review committee may be required after the application has been submitted. Applicants must be currently enrolled, and have completed a full year in a graduate degree program at Harvard at the time of application. Application forms are available on CARAT. Specific deadlines and timelines are posted within the guidelines of our individual programs.