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Financial Aid & Tuition

Engage with Resources

The HGSE Financial Aid Office encourages all students to partner with our office and team throughout their academic career. Active engagement and participation with financial aid resources and tools, presentations, publications, and webinars will allow you to develop and enhance your skills to become strong financial stewards and maximize your financial aid opportunities.

Helpful Links

Financial Wellness & Literacy  

Interactive resources and tools capable of impacting financial behavior, influencing decision making, and promoting strong personal finance stewardship. 

Students with Families

Information for students with families and dependents.

Financial Aid Appeals

Appeals of a financial aid package are rare and only considered when significant extenuating circumstances occur after the academic year has started. Such circumstances must have a financial component and must be thoroughly documented.  

Publications & Presentations

A library of resources and tools in varying modalities on a plethora of financial aid related topics including degree program financing guides, recorded presentations, and more.

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