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Financial Aid & Tuition

Student Budget Calculator- Academic Year 2022-2023

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This budget calculator requires JavaScript to work appropriately.

It is designed to be used by full time students while referring to their financial aid awards and other resources. The figures are based on the standard HGSE student budget and allowable living expenses for the 9 month academic year- also known as the estimated cost of attendance. Total financial aid from all sources can not exceed the total student budget, including the living expense allowances. Your actual living and personal expenses may vary from our allowances, but they should not be exceeded.

Students with less expenses than our allowances should consider reducing loans if applicable. You are encouraged to review expenses and the full report to determine if there will be any budget short falls. Reviewing the monthly versus semesterly breakdown in expenses will hopefully help you in staying on a monthly budget and not overspending early in each term. If you have a shortfall, you must either increase resources (supplemental loans may be an option) and/or reduce actual expenses (such as rent or personal expenses) to help stay on budget.

Students are encouraged to review the supplemental loan information on our website to determine which loan meets your needs and how to apply for these loans.

Please note this calculator is intended as a planning tool and general guide. Actual expenses and resources may vary.


Financial Aid Applied To Student Bill  
Please refer to your financial aid award package to assist in completing the fields in this section.
Academic Year
Scholarship / Grant / Fellowship Award  
Direct Unsubsidized Loan  
Direct Grad PLUS Loan  
HUECU Loan (International Loan)  
Other Private Supplemental Loan  
Sponsored Payment  
Tuition Deposit  
External Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources  
Please enter the expected "take home" amount. This field is for wages/stipends that go directly to you and not to your bill. Consider tax implications when calculating take home pay. If you are earning a one time or partial year stipend, you should divide the total amount you anticipate receiving by 9 to calculate estimated monthly stipend amount.
Estimated Monthly Wages
Savings/Checking Account Balance (prior to academic year)  
Please do NOT include any portion of your savings that came from your financial aid proceeds above, expected relocation costs or for other expenses you anticipate incurring before attending HGSE. This should be the amount of your personal resources that you plan to pay directly out of pocket.


Student Type
Fixed Cost Budget Items (Estimates) Academic Year
Student Health Fee  
Student Health Insurance Plan  
Student Budget Allowances  
These fields default to the HGSE estimated cost of attendance allowances, which in many cases will not be directly billed to you by Harvard. You may be able to decrease some of these costs- for example, selecting less expensive housing or limiting personal expenses to a level below the standard budget allowances. Student budgets may only include direct educational expenses incurred during the enrollment period of your program, and cannot include items such as consumer debt payments, relocation costs or automobile expenses. You should take steps to ensure your actual costs do not surpass our allowances, since your total financial aid may not exceed your estimated cost of attendance.
Monthly Allowance
Rent, Utilities and Food  
Research Expenses