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Budgeting & Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy can always be developed and it is never too late to learn and implement useful budgeting and planning skills. Many people are intimidated by financial matters, but as HGSE proves - education is the key. HGSE and Harvard University work to make financial literacy and money management tools available to students so they can take control of their financial situation and plan for a successful future. We continue to identify and add tools that can help, and encourage you to visit our site anytime you need ideas on where to find solid information on financial issues. Our hope is when you attend HGSE you will gain both academic and practical knowledge that helps you in all facets of life.

Here are some resources to get started:

HGSE iGrad - HGSE has partnered with iGrad to provide a full complement of financial literacy, budgeting, and career resources.  This interactive website presents everything from informative videos to job search tools. We hope you find this useful and please let us know about your experience using iGrad.

Here's a short video about how to create a budget and live by it while in school:

How to Create a Budget and Live By It

iGrad has much more to offer, and we hope you give it a try.

Understanding Your Credit - knowing how to read and understand your credit report can help you secure a student loan, build a positive credit score, or correct errors in your record.

Debt Management Tools - these resources can help you make sense of your financial picture, estimate your student loan payments, plan for income tax reporting, and identify resources for assistance if you run into any financial problems.

Protecting Your Money from Fraud - a helpful presentation from the Harvard University Employee's Credit Union.

Student Loan Program Information - learn more about your student loans, including loan forgiveness and cancelation programs.