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Education in a Post-COVID Era

After nearly three years of tumult caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and massive disruptions to learning, the education sector stands at a crossroads. With growing achievement and opportunity gaps, deep concerns about mental health, and stark pressures on teachers and education leaders throughout the country, the repercussions of the crisis are evident. But the past three years have also shown surprising innovation, resilience at all levels of the education system, and a renewed commitment to supporting students, families, and educators. Today, there are new opportunities for transformation — with federal COVID relief funding that can make transformative ideas more feasible. The question is: How can we seize the opportunity for reinvention and develop a new vision for equity and success in American education?  


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Watch: The Crisis in Adolescent Mental Health

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 – Askwith Hall, Longfellow Building, 13 Appian Way

The Askwith Education Forum looks at teen wellness from a variety of angles, assessing pandemic impacts and other stressors — and tracing a hopeful path forward. 


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Watch: Beyond Recovery – Seizing Opportunities to Transform Education in a Post-Covid Era

A special convening with research and practice leaders from Harvard and beyond, presented by the Askwith Education Forum at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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COVID Recovery Stories

Summer Camp

New research shows students will require ongoing help outside regular school time in hardest-hit areas

Education Recovery Scorecard map

Most comprehensive picture yet of COVID's unequal impacts — and the urgency to expand learning opportunities

Crinkled map of the world

New book details students' findings and offers possible solutions to school systems around the globe

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