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Education Now

Education Now Education Now: Teaching, Learning, and Growing Amid the Pandemic
As this unprecedented fall begins, against the backdrop of COVID-19, racial violence, and action for justice and healing, back-to-school is nothing like normal. But as schools reopen — online, in person, or all of the above — HGSE's Education Now webinars will look at the challenges of the moment, offering actionable insights that you can use today. We aim to give our audience strategies and ideas that will prompt hope, add fuel to the push for equity, and create the circumstances for transformation across education.

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Education Now Webinars

Biweekly webinars, hosted by Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty and staff, will premiere live on Zoom and Facebook. Episodes will be recorded and available to view later on YouTube and Facebook.

Recent Episode: Curiosity and Motivation Amid the Pandemic 

This action-oriented webinar will take you into winter break and fortify you with some new ideas about how to refresh your approach and tap the intrinsic motivation of your students. How does curiosity work, and how can we spark it? How can we help young people develop and retain a love of learning and a connection to school — during these challenging times of distance and of unequal access to resources and support?  

Guest Speakers:
  • Elizabeth Bonawitz, David J. Vitale Associate Professor of Learning Sciences at HGSE — effective, January 1, 2021
  • Genevieve DeBose, National Board Certified Teacher and U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow
  • Jal Mehta, Professor of Education at HGSE

Learn more about curiosity and motivation — and about what learning can look like in this pandemic year:

Our fall playlist:

Watch episodes on the impact of the 2020 election, civic education and engagement, helping children cope with racial trauma, and more.

Watch Past Episodes

Previous Education Now episodes have highlighted various critical topics in education, including practicing antiracism in schools, public health and school reopening, the power of human connection, and much more. Explore the episodes on Youtube or Facebook.

Usable Knowledge

Articles, strategies, and perspectives for educators and families confronting the uncertainties of schooling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Challenges of Reopening
A summer/fall 2020 Usable Knowledge series aimed at helping schools, educators, and families answer the question, "What will back-to-school look like this year?"

Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak
A spring 2020 Usable Knowledge series with resources for schools and families — on leading through crisis, teaching at a distance, and learning and thriving at home.

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Leadership in the Field

Expertise and thought leadership from the HGSE community

"I think what’s going to fall through the cracks is the kind of discussions around meaning-making in math that they will be challenged to do remotely. I think that’s going to be so hard to do, and in some ways could make the curriculum less meaningful, and less conceptual, and less kind of deeply mathematical, which is already something we struggle with."

From Kids Are Behind in Math Because of COVID-19. Here’s What Research Says Could Help via Education Week

"Given the rising cost of college and the worsening economic conditions because of Covid-19, paying for college imposes a significant financial burden on most families. As more workers opt for alternative forms of training, the future of talent management will crucially rely on identifying talented workers among the more than 50 percent of the U.S. workforce who don't have a college degree."

From Why Skills, Not College Degrees, Will Drive the Post-Pandemic Labor Market via Inc.

"Reading is what sets kids up to learn for the rest of school. If they’re not on track as strong readers by fourth grade it impacts what happens for their high school learning and for their outcomes beyond that."

From Student Test Scores Drop in Math Since Covid-19 Pandemic via Wall Street Journal

"The ability of tests to discern trend lines in a typical fashion has also been disrupted beyond the point of being useful, including for accountability, said Daniel Koretz, a research professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who focuses on assessments. And more broadly, he said, potential disruptions for students at home and other factors unique to the pandemic present an environment that tests simply can't control for."

From States Push to Ditch or Downplay Standardized Tests During Virus Surge via Education Week

A panel discussed the challenges faced by students today, the role of university presidents and leadership during turbulent times, and the ethical costs of upward mobility in higher education.

From The Impact of 2020 on Higher Education: Colleges, COVID-19, and a Time of Racial Reckoning via Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies

"What’s at stake is basically understanding the legacy of 30 years of education reform. It’s just mind-blowing that it’s 2020 and there’s not a consensus on whether ‘achievement gaps’ have narrowed or not."

From Are Test Score Gaps Growing? A Simple Question Remains a Research Mystery via Chalkbeat

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