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HGSE students in 2019

100 Years, 100 Reasons to Love the Ed School

A special centennial issue from Harvard Ed. magazine. Click headline to access a full version (PDF). A few of the individual reasons we love the Ed School are below.

HGSE students in 2019

Winter 2020

HGSE students in 2019

#2: Because This Is Us

A photo collection, yearbook-style, of some of our current students.


#22: Because We Reminisce

Memories from alumni over the years, plus a link to longer first-person alumni essays.

Bridget Terry Long

#93: Because the Future of Education

An essay by Dean Bridget Long about change and the next 100 years of education.

Larsen Hall

#14: Because Brutal is (Mostly) Beautiful

A look at two buildings on campus that you either love or you hate.

Lawrence Hall

#6: Because We Come from Humble Origins

Our campus didn’t start out on Appian Way but in Lawrence Hall, in Harvard Yard.

World flags

#52: Because We Are the World

Two essays on the importance of having international students on campus.

Sesame Street illustrated muppet eyes

#34: Because Sesame Street

An excerpt from a 1969 story about the school’s contribution in getting Sesame Street off the ground.

Illustration of graduates with colorful puzzle pieces

#83: Because Belonging Matters

Our new director of diversity, inclusion, and belonging writes about why it was important to have the word “belonging” in her title.

Moon in a black sky

#64: Because Eleanor Duckworth Took Us to the Moon

How an alum — first baffled by Eleanor Duckworth’s moon assignment — uses lessons learned with her students.

Waiting for Superman poster art

#56: Because We Actually Waited for Superman

A look at our most attended Askwith Forum, plus a video message from the director.

Rilda Kissel on stage at Double Take in 2017

#70: Because Stories Matter

An essay by one participant in our storytelling project, DoubleTake.

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit with Gregory Peck poster

#54: Because Roy Larsen Bossed Like ... a Boss

A big name at HGSE was the inspiration for a popular book and movie starring Gregory Peck.

Evelyn Church Hatfield as a young woman

#45: Because We Found Our Oldest Alum

Evelyn Church Hatfield, our oldest living alum (at 107!), was born during the Taft administration.

Yurt on HGSE campus

#40: Because Yurt

Before there was a Gutman Library, there was a student-built yurt on Appian Way, plus links to a video and story about the student, who eventually moved into a yurt in Maine.

A to B written on chalkboard

A to B: Why They Got Into Education

Seven first-person essays written by alumni about their decision to become educators, plus links to past A to B essays that ran in Ed. magazine.

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