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Ed Magazine Winter 2015

Treshika Melvin

#througheducation: Treshika Melvin

At the campaign launch in September, Ed.M. candidate Treshika Melvin took part in the #througheducation project, writing that through education, she “found freedom.”


Novel Approach to Books

The Call Me Ishmael project -- a literary website dedicated to first lines of great books -- has caught the attention of readers everywhere, including some famous names.


How Do Employers View For-Profits?

Associate Professor David Deming's research asks, Does for-profit education pay off?

Mydhili Bayyunpendi

All the News That's Fit to Read

Mydhili Bayyapunedi, Ed.M.’11, has created YoungCurrent, which aggregates child-safe news from around the web that is appropriate for children ages 8–16.

Illustration by Daniel Vasconcellos

The Letter P for Partners

What can educators do to better link research to practice? The Research Schools International Initiative explores this question.

Read House

Looking Back: 1725?

A look into the history of Read House, a curious building on the HGSE campus.

Jenn Charlot

Ed. Extra: Jenn Charlot

Jenn Charlot, third-year of the Ed.L.D. student, spoke more about her work as director of implementation with Character Lab, the nonprofit started a little more than a year ago by Angela Duckworth.

Jenn Charlot

Study Skills: Jenn Charlot

Third-year Ed.L.D. candidate Jenn Charlot speaks about "grit" and what it means for kids.

Illustration by Daniel Vasconcellos

Facing History, Facing Herself

After nearly four decades as president and CEO of Facing History and Ourselves, Margot Stern Strom, C.A.S.’75, moves into a new role.


Collaboration: Alum + Alum + Alum

Three Ed School alums created an information and research center two years ago to promote the Montessori philosophy — in public schools.



A listing of new books by members of the Harvard Graduate School of Education community.

Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot

On My Bookshelf

Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Ed.D.'72, shares the books that she is reading for pleasure.

Illustration by Shaw Nielsen

What's Worth Learning in School?

We teach a lot that isn’t going to matter, in a significant way, in students’ lives, writes Professor David Perkins in his new book, "Future Wise." There’s also much we aren’t teaching that would be a better return on investment.

Camera illustration

Movies, Books, and "The Giver"

Professor Robert Selman and doctoral student Tracy Elizabeth, Ed.M.’10, say that a movie can actually do something amazing for the book from which it is adapted: It can spark a new interest in reading.


Six on Six

From a pool of six thousand, six graduates doing great work on six continents (sorry, Antarctica).