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Ed Magazine Winter 2009

Illustration by Jeff Hopkins

A to B: Why I Got into Education

Ken Templeton, Ed.M.'08, shares his reasons for getting into the education field.

Shimon Waronker

5 Reasons to Know: Shimon Waronker, First-Year Doctoral Student

When Waronker walked into J.H.S. 022 in the South Bronx, N.Y. to become its seventh principal in two years, he had reason to be worried. Instead, he was determined to take back the school, starting with the gangs.

Siury Pulgar

Book Smart

Siury Pulgar, Ed.M.'09, and her inspiring project, the 10,000 Book Challenge.

Deborah Jewell-Sherman

That's Leadership: Senior Lecturer Deborah Jewell-Sherman

A Q and A with Senior Lecturer Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Ed.M.'92, Ed.D.'95.

Kazuko Narui

What's in a Name?: Kazuko Narui, Ed.M.'93

Alumni profile of Kazuko Narui, Ed.M.'93.

Brock Putnam

In His Element: Brock Putnam, Ed.M.'87

Alumni profile of Brock Putnam, Ed.M.'87.

Couple networking

Thanks for the Add. Now Help Me with My Homework

A new study by alum Christine Greenhow finds social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have more educational potential than you might think.