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Keep it Simple

Does It Have To Be So Complicated?

Education, especially education reform, isn’t easy. Yet, does it always have to be so complex? We found that the answer sometimes is a simple no.

Keep it Simple

Summer 2015

Their First Year

In September, first-year students shared what they wanted to do in the field of education. Their year now concluded, did anything change?

Rick Hess

Hess, Straight Up

A look into the career of Rick Hess, Ed.M.'90, education jack-of-all-trades.

Zohal Atif

Study Skills: Zohal Atif

Having grown up in a country plagued by civil war, Zohal Atif hopes to return to Afghanistan to help a new generation.


What's the Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Members of the HGSE community reveal the best advice that they have ever been given.

Andres Alonso

The Making of a Professor

Professor Andres Alonso, Ed.M.'99, Ed.D.'06, traces the path of his life in education.


Summer Reading

Summer reading suggestions from faculty members who were featured in the On My Bookshelf section


On My Bookshelf: Holly Lem

Lecturer Holly Lem reveals the books that have made a lasting impression on her.