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Ed Magazine Summer 2010

Jiraorn Assarat

Jiraorn Assarat, Ed.M.'04, is excited about the future.

Jiraorn Assarat dreams of creating a perfect school. One that feels more like a second home than an institution; one in which exceptional academic programs are balanced with a curriculum of moral development.

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson, Ed.M.'96, is walking to his own beat.

Steven Johnson, Ed.M.'96, has lived his personal and professional life by one code: respect.

Nancy Hohmann

Nancy Hohmann, M.A.T.'70, is out riding her horse.

Nancy Hohmann, M.A.T.'70, remembers fondly the two summers she spent working as a horseback-riding counselor at a now-closed Vermont camp for special needs children.

Victims of Haiti earthquake

Help for Haiti

Marvin Figueroa, Ed.M.'10, had seen it -- and experienced it -- before. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch struck part of the Caribbean, including Honduras, his native country, leaving more than 20,000 dead or missing.

People wearing Livestrong bracelets

A to B: Why I Got into Education - Lean on Me

The story of how David Clark's student kept him inspired during a trying time.

Chris Dede and Jon Star

It Stems from Algebra: Professor Chris Dede and Assistant Professor Jon Star

In their new research project, Professor Chris Dede and Assistant Professor Jon Star are using three technology-based activities, all rooted in algebra, once called the "new civil right" by one algebra advocate.