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Ed Magazine Summer 2009

Patricia Hill Collins

Out in Front: Patricia Hill Collins, M.A.T.'70

Taking the helm of the American Sociological Association (ASA) to become its 100th president, Patricia Hill Collins, M.A.T.'70, says that her leadership motto is to make herself "expendable."

Ledyard McFadden

Helping Schools Work: Ledyard McFadden, Ed.M.'93

In 1998, Ledyard McFadden, Ed.M.'93, followed friends' advice and started SchoolWorks, an educational consulting firm in Beverly, Mass.

Rafael Martinez

A Question of Education: Rafael Martinez, Ed.M.'05

Question everything. That is one of the lasting lessons that Rafael Martinez, Ed.M.'05, took away from Professor Fernando Reimers while he was a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Jodi Picoult

One on One with Jodi Picoult

For Jodi Picoult, Ed.M.'90, becoming a professional novelist was always Plan A. It was one of her reality-dictated Plan Bs, though -- teaching -- that led her to the Ed School to pursue her master's in teaching and curriculum.

Illustration by Jeff Hopkins

A to B: Why I Got into Education

My transition from "A" to "B" is somewhat of an interesting story. My life prior to enrolling at Harvard was great.

Tea Gergedava

5 Reasons to Know: Tea Gergedava, Master's Student, Special Studies Program

When you are living in a peaceful state, you have only a vague understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen, but if you are living in Georgia, you realize it's time to pay your share of the citizenship.

Illustration by Tim Walker

On the Chopping Block, Again

Art budgets in public schools are constantly on the cutting block. With the nation's current economic woes, schools are preparing for even deeper cuts. Is there any hope?