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Illustration of a magician's hat by Nate Williams

The Problem with Grading

When it comes to how we show what students know, do traditional grading practices deserve an F?

Illustration of a magician's hat by Nate Williams

Spring/Summer 2023

College Completion illustration by Wren McDonald

Does Anyone Win When Colleges Compete?

Hypercompetition isn’t working for higher education. Can the field find a way to cooperate?

Illustrations by Adam Maida

The Trying Transfer

What happened when a state tried to fix the complex, and often inequitable, maze community college students need to navigate when they try to make the leap to a four-year school?

Alexia LeClercq

Eco Ed Justice

Alexia Leclercq, Ed.M.’23, is here for the collective good

Illustration by Tete Garcia

Place Definitely Matters

People shape young brains, but so does the environment

Charlotte Dungan

Students: AI is Part of Your World

Alum helps young people understand how artificial intelligence is changing everything they know

Illustration by Tete Garcia

No, Pinterest Isn’t the Place to Build Lesson Plans

Alum’s nonprofit pilots new play-based early ed curriculum in Boston

Phyllis Gimbel

What I Learned About Mentoring Principals

It's not uncommon for teachers nowadays to have mentors. But mentoring for principals is a rarer.


Air Time

A new podcast series provides a window into the complex lives of young immigrants in America

Illustration of sisters

Taking Care of Siblings? Put it on the Common App

Making Caring Common pilots new checklist for the online application form

Book covers

On My Bookshelf: Lecturer Alexis Redding

Lecturer Alexis Redding discusses some important books in her life and career

Books we love

New Books that Excite Us Right Now

Recently published books by members of the HGSE community

Lighthouse illustration by Tete Garcia

How to Become a Teacher

(In Three Easy Steps Over 20 Long Years)

Students in the game club

Game On

Students meet weekly for a board game battle

Illustration of woman watering a tree on fire

When We Teach Climate Change

Tina Grotzer explains the challenge teachers face talking about the environment


Women on a Mission

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