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Clint Smith

How the Word Is Passed

Excerpts from Clint Smith's New York Times bestselling, PEN-nominated exploration of the history and legacy of slavery across America.

Clint Smith

Fall 2021

Jarvis Givens

Fugitive Teaching

Through his new Black Teacher Archives Project, Assistant Professor Jarvis Givens wants people to know that the story of Black education and Black teachers is complicated — and worth telling.

Clint Smith

Clint Smith, Ed.M.’17, Ph.D.’20, On:

His hopes for the book, what didn’t make the cut, and how time changes things.

Illustration of students in a classroom

The Greatest Battle in History

America is once again asking the question: Who gets to decide how we teach the history of our country’s past?

Matt Grimes

A Swing and a Hit

Matthew Grimes, Ed.M.’21, finds his dream job doing DEI work with the MLB.

Anna Kirby

Harvard Families

For Ed School families living and learning together, Anna Kirby wants Harvard to feel not just like a school, but like home.

Wizard of Oz illustration

The Wizard Behind the Camera

Filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain brings Oz writer and many others to life.

Michael Sadowski

Memoir Making

Michael Sadowski, Ed.M.’95, Ed.D.’05, believes that every life can tell a story — it just takes some digging to figure out what that story is.

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria Is Where I'll Stay

A Nigerian teacher helps out-of-school children in her hometown.

Children on Stage

The Show Went On

Despite COVID, two alums knew the play was the thing.

Illustration of earth on chalkboard

So Your Student Believes the Earth Is Flat

Ten ways for teachers to address science denial.

Book covers

On My Bookshelf: Lecturer Ola Ozernov-Palchik

Lecturer Ola Ozernov-Palchik shares notable books in her life and career.

Pile of letters

Past Tense

How one alum stayed connected during a remote year.

Matt Tallon

Lessons Learned - Matt Tallon, Ed.M.'09

What one alum learned from writing a book with his father.