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The Pivot Issue

The Pivot Issue

The future of education in a world turned sideways.

The Pivot Issue

Fall 2020

Heather Hill and Jon Star and family


In between helping kids with online homework and teaching their own virtual classes at the Ed School, a half dozen faculty members posed for "porch-raits" outside the place they've called their office since March: their homes.

Illustration of a student

Draw the Student*

A dozen well-known illustrators let their imaginations ponder "student" in a new COVID/Zoom/racial division/who-knows-what’s-next world.

Pivot Out Loud logo

Pivot Out Loud

An audio series continuing the stories of a few of our contributors. First they pivoted, then what?

Teresa Bazzera

Teresa Bezerra, Ed.M.’02

Teacher | Arleta High School | Los Angeles

Irvin Scott

Irvin Scott, Ed.M.’07, Ed.D.’11

Senior Lecturer | Harvard Graduate School of Education | Cambridge

Andy Zucker

Andy Zucker, Ed.D.’78

Retired Educational Researcher and Evaluator | Teacher | Cambridge

Bridget Terry Long

Bridget Long

Dean | Harvard Graduate School of Education | Cambridge

Kenton Shimozaki

Kenton Shimozaki, Ed.M.'20

Middle School Teacher and HTF Cohort 4 Alum | A Public Charter School | Denver

The Long family

Christian Long, Ed.M.’01, and Karla Long, Ed.M.’01

Lifelong Educators | Granville, Ohio

Mckenzie Parkins

Mckenzie Parkins

Current Student | Education, Policy, and Management Program | Atlanta

Svati Lelyveld

Svati Mariam Lelyveld, Ed.M.’12

Eighth-Grade Social Studies Teacher | Bronx School of Young Leaders, MS 331 | New York City

Mara Schanfield

Mara Schanfield, Ed.M.’08, C.A.S. ’09

Senior Technical Assistance Coordinator | American Institutes for Research | St. Paul, Minnesota

Akinyi Williams

Akinyi Williams, Ed.M.’16

Founder and Executive Director | Hope for the Child | Kisumu, Kenya

Alec Lee

Alec Lee, Ed.M.’85

Executive Director | Aim High | San Francisco

Kwame Adams

Kwame Adams, Ed.M.’20

Program Manager | Office of School Transformation, Boston Public Schools | Boston

Jill Anderson

A Parent's Pandemic Dilemma

Follow the preschool schedule during at-home learning or chuck it in favor of play?

Amreen Poonawala

Amreen Poonawala

Current Student | Technology, Innovation, and Education Program | Toronto

Melanie Shea

Melanie Shea, Ed.M.’20

History Teacher | Madison Park Technical Vocational High School | Boston

Robin Loewald

Robin Loewald, Ed.M.’19

Ninth-Grade English Teacher | Melrose High School | Melrose, Massachusetts

Felicity Burgess

A "Friends"-Inspired Pivot Back to England

Felicity Burgess, Ed.M.'20, moved home after COVID closed her options

More than Words

Jodi Rosenbaum, Ed.M.’02

Founder and Executive Director | More Than Words | Boston

Heather Watts and Sheliza Jamal

Alumni Porch-rait Project

Photos of alumni with their families (however they define that) on their porches, front steps, or balconies.

Jill Yoshikawa

Jill Yoshikawa, Ed.M.’99

Partner | Creative Marble Consultancy | Sacramento, California

Dhyan Adler-Belendez

Dhyan Adler-Belendez, Ed.M.’18

Founder | Grad Guru | Mexico City