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Illustrations by Brian Stauffer


They have unbearable caseloads. They’re often asked to monitor hallways and fill in when a teacher calls in sick. They are usually the first to go during budget cuts. What is it going to take for us to reimagine the pivotal role of school counselors?

Illustrations by Brian Stauffer

Fall 2019

Classic literature

Hooked on Classics

A classic problem: The push to modernize reading lists is challenging traditional definitions of literature. Surprise: Not everyone is happy about it.

Success Plans illustration

What's the Plan?

What if every student had their own education plan? The Education Redesign Lab's new Success Plans are like IEPs, but for all students.

Dark Horse

Follow the Dark Horse

A look at those who blaze their own trails and how this needs to apply to students.

Need for Speed

No Need for Speed

Study shows that faster isn't necessarily better when it comes to learning.

Ann Mantil

METCO, Evaluated

Grad conducts first formal study of 50-year-old school integration program.

students' music

5 Easy Steps to Keep Up with Your Students’ Music

How to stay in tune with students’ musical tastes and build connections in their classrooms.

marty west

Recess: Marty West, Coach

Professor Martin West moonlights as coach to his sons' Little League teams.

Magnifying glass

Got Data?

How partnerships make it easier for doc students to get much-needed data for research.

jocelyn rodriguez

Study Skills: Jocelyn Rodriguez, Ed.L.D.

For this doctoral student, education — and just about everything else — is a family affair.

Parenting Education

Parent Approved

A look at how much — or how little high schoolers — know about parenting.


Tales Told Twice Through Close Cross-Media Comparisons

How print and film both offer educational value.

Christina V Villarreal

The Making of Lecturer Christina Villarreal

On her warrior mother, the joy of teaching middle schoolers, and why she’s known as V or Dr. V on both coasts.

liz byron

Art Is for All

A new book helps art teachers incorporate UDL in their classrooms.

Fall Books

Books: Fall 2019

Recent books published by members of the HGSE community.

On My Bookshelf

On My Bookshelf: Kaia Stern

Kaia Stern, lecturer on education and co-founder and director of the Prison Studies Project, shares what she reads for pleasure.

Close-up on child and adult hands harvesting a carrot from a garden

One on One: Jean Lawler

A book series helps children in grade preK–3 slow down and consider how different experiences make them feel.