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Student activists

Student Activism 2.0

A look back at the history of student activism and whether today’s protesters are making a difference.

Student activists

Fall 2018

Natasha Warikoo

What Do Undergrads Think of Race and Admissions?

In her new book, Natasha Warikoo looks at how undergraduates make sense of race and college, and how we need to start talking about inequality earlier.

Alex Tavares

The Unlikely Entrepreneur

A teacher turns an obstacle into an invention that helps readers.

Bridget Terry Long

Power of Family for New Dean

Dean Bridget Terry Long talks about concrete jobs and the influence of her family.

Shanna Peeples

Study Skills: Shanna Peeples

Ed.L.D. candidate Shanna Peeples, national teacher of the year, on fixing the broken teacher pipeline.

Illustration by Jason Schneider

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Alum John Miller’s new book looks at the role love and compassion play in education.

Heather Miller

Prime-Time Parenting

Heather Miller, Ed.M.'00, helps parents navigate technology and chaos during school nights.

Social Justice Sewing Academy

Activism, One Stitch at a Time

Sara Trail, Ed.M.'17, talks sewing, quilts, and social justice.

Beware Assessments

Beware of Test Assessments

Judith Singer warns that international test score data can be misleading.

Illustration by Jason Schneider

How to Be Funny

Comedian Jane Condon, Ed.M.'74, shares tips for being funny.

Jal Mehta

The Making of Jal Mehta

Associate Professor Jal Mehta on educator parents and transforming teaching.

Irvin Scott

On My Bookshelf: Senior Lecturer Irvin Scott

Irvin Scott shares what’s he’s reading.

Illustration by Jason Schneider

Them That’s Got

Associate Professor Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell on inequities in school partnerships.

BPS image

Wait Time in Class

Allowing time for answers is an important teaching tool.

Harvard Yard

Harvard College Adds Education Secondary Study

Starting this fall, Harvard College students can now minor in education.


Books: Fall 2018

Recent books published by members of the HGSE community.

I Spy

One on One with Jean Marzollo

A Q&A with I SPY author Jean Marzollo, who died in April 2018.

By All Means

By All Means Case Studies

The Ed Redesign Lab’s By All Means project publishes case studies of five cities.