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Alumni Books

Looking for a new book to read? How about something written by an alum?

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New Books that Excite Us Right Now

Recently published books by members of the HGSE community

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Syllabus: Tony Jack

Assistant Professor Tony Jack shares a few books from his spring course, A705: C.R.E.A.M.: Class and Culture at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Casey Lartigue and cover of book

Greenlight to Freedom

Casey Lartigue, Ed.M.’91, helps North Korean refugees tell their stories

Nicole Jain and her brother, Ravi Sharma

Inside Story

Siblings write the book they needed

Fall 2022 book covers

New Books that Excite Us Right Now

Recently published books by members of the HGSE community

Jessica Lander's Making Americans

Making Americans

An excerpt from the new book about immigrant education by Jessica Lander, Ed.M.’15

Illustration from Power On book

Power On

New graphic novel explores why there are so few women and people of color in computer science.

Book covers

New Books that Excite Us Right Now

Recently published books by members of the HGSE community

Matthew Taylor Book

Brick Wall Mindsets

How the stories we tell ourselves can get in the way of leading.

Hispanola Map

Students from Hispaniola: We Can Do Better

New book by alums is a resource for educators who want to better understand the needs of their Haitian and Dominican students.

Michael Sadowski

Memoir Making

Michael Sadowski, Ed.M.’95, Ed.D.’05, believes that every life can tell a story — it just takes some digging to figure out what that story is.

Clint Smith

Clint Smith, Ed.M.’17, Ph.D.’20, On:

His hopes for the book, what didn’t make the cut, and how time changes things.

Clint Smith

How the Word Is Passed

Excerpts from Clint Smith's New York Times bestselling, PEN-nominated exploration of the history and legacy of slavery across America.

Matt Tallon

Lessons Learned - Matt Tallon, Ed.M.'09

What one alum learned from writing a book with his father.

Street light glow

From Street Smart to School Smart

David Sortino’s new book profiles his work with at-risk teen girls.

Woman reading on grass

Summer Is Here. Get Reading.

Recommendations for children, parents, and teachers that will enrich — and educate — through the summer months.

Squiggle man

Big Decisions Matter for Principals

Simon Rodberg’s new book looks at why it’s hard for school leaders to make decisions and how five key questions can help.

Ilona Holland book

Q+A: Ilona Holland, Ed.M.’85, Ed.D.’91

An alum's picture books inspire children's interest in history.

Stepan Mekhitarian book art

Blended Learning Moves Forward

Stepan Mekhitarian’s new book looks at how educators can combine the best of online and in-school learning as schools reopen.

Illustration from A Field Guide to Gifted Students

A Field Guide to Gifted Students

Charlotte Agell's new book offers an intro to teachers and parents.

Logan Smalley, Ed.M.'08, and Stephanie Kent

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking, With Ishmael

For anyone who remembers dog-earing the page in the Yellow Pages of a favorite pizza shop, and lovers of books and bookstores, Logan Smalley's new "Call Me Ishmael Phone Book" is a nostalgic and useful resource.

liz byron

Art Is for All

A new book helps art teachers incorporate UDL in their classrooms.

Close-up on child and adult hands harvesting a carrot from a garden

One on One: Jean Lawler

A book series helps children in grade preK–3 slow down and consider how different experiences make them feel.

Dark Horse

Follow the Dark Horse

A look at those who blaze their own trails and how this needs to apply to students.


The Story of the Unlikely Children's Book Author

Professor Fernando Reimers' debut as children's book author.

Empty classroom desks

One on One with Peter Smith

People are often penalized based on how they learn, not on what they know, writes Peter Smith, M.A.T.’70, Ed.D.’83.

Illustration by Jason Schneider

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Alum John Miller’s new book looks at the role love and compassion play in education.