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HGSE Policy on Visitors

HGSE Policy on Visitors
To be updated as state, local, or University requirements change
Updated: March 29, 2022

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Beginning on Wednesday, March 30, HGSE faculty and staff may host a visitor(s) provided that the visitor attests that they are fully vaccinated and are not experiencing or displaying any known symptoms of COVID-19. (Individuals who are not vaccinated must, at their own cost, conduct a COVID-19 antigen test administered within one-day prior to their arrival on campus, and attest that the results of that test were negative.) It is the host’s responsibility to ensure that their visitor has completed the attestation process and is aware of HGSE’s masking and distancing policies.

Beginning on Monday, April 11, the campus will be open to all visitors provided the guest completes the attestation process and meets all the requirements regarding vaccination (or testing) and health.

Attestation Process for all Visitors

Visitors must complete their attestations using HGSE ClearOnce the visitor completes the attestation form, they will receive confirmation via email that they have permission to visit campus. This confirmation will include a digital green checkmark that must be displayed (either in digital or printed form) to the host, or at the security desk in Gutman Library if that is the guest’s initial arrival point. 

Visitor attestations are only valid for 7 days and must renewed each week by repeating the HGSE Clear process.

All visitors will be expected to comply with Harvard’s masking policy. Face coverings on Harvard’s campus are optional in most indoor spaces. Masks are still required in the following situations: indoor events with more than 250 people, classes where instructors have decided to require masks, healthcare facilities, public transit, and when completing isolation or quarantine.

Some Visitors may have additional or different requirements. For instance, participants in multi-day Professional Education programs will be required to show proof of vaccination and booster (i.e., similar to what we require of degree program students) given the ongoing, close interactions expected in classroom settings.

Hosts may forward this policy to potential guests for access to HU and HGSE visitor guidelines.