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Community Learning

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do at HGSE — and what our students will do in the world. In addition to their academic coursework, students can delve deeply into their own practice, building skills in learning design, curriculum planning, classroom management, and much more.

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The Teaching and Learning Lab

Gutman Library 332-336

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The Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) supports and develops innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning at HGSE. Students can get involved with the TLL and apply what they are learning in their program in several ways, including internships, focus groups, and through the Teaching and Learning Lab Practicum course.

  • Contact the TLL to find out how to get involved

Instructional Moves

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Instructional Moves, a project of the Teaching and Learning Lab at HGSE, shares high-leverage teaching strategies used by Harvard faculty and demonstrates — through compelling video and resource kits — how to apply those same techniques in other contexts.

Rapid Prototyping of Educational Products

Non-credit January Term

During January term (J-term), HGSE students have the opportunity to augment their studies with unique, noncredit learning experiences, most of which are not offered during the regular school year. The non-credit J-term courses may include critical topics such as cultural intelligence, making transformative change, and race in America.


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