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Community Learning


As a community of educators, students, and lifelong learners, we're committed to a process of authentic self-reflection and a deeper pursuit of knowledge about how best to teach, learn, and engage with one another in a way that honors the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These resources — developed by HGSE and collaborators across Harvard — can support those goals.


Tools for Developing Inclusive Syllabi

This 9-page tool helps you examine the inclusivity of your syllabus along multiple dimensions and provides guidance for making it more inclusive.

Teaching in Times of Strife and Trauma

This 2-page annotated and curated guide offers actionable ideas for teaching in traumatic times; teaching during elections; discussing difficult topics; and anti-racist, equitable teaching.

Nurturing Voices that Challenge the Dominant Narrative

Christina “V” Villarreal and her students discuss participation dynamics

A video guide from HGSE's Instructional Moves helps teachers create safe and open environments in which to wrestle with difficult conversation topics.

Calling on Students in Equitable Ways

Tim McCarthy demonstrates that even in a seminar setting he calls on students to monitor equitable participation

A video guide from Instructional Moves helps teachers ensure that their strategies of soliciting participation are fair, inclusive, and purposeful.

Resources for the Harvard Community

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Office works across the University with stakeholders and partners to guide Harvard’s culture toward sustainable and inclusive excellence.

Facilitating Hot Moments in Classroom Discussion

This 4-page resource provides guidance on how to facilitate difficult conversations, ranging from the big-picture view of how to prepare before the discussion begins to the details of how a particular intervention might look and sound.

Collage of images from COVID-19 HGSE Library resources

Black America and COVID-19

A collaboration between HGSE and the Harvard Library, this research guide seeks to document the experience of COVID-19 across Black communities in America, including ties to the historical legacy of race in America.

Gutman Library's Guide to Racial Justice Resources

A continuously growing archive of teaching and learning materials — books, videos, lesson plans, activist resources — about race, racial justice and anti-racism.

Gender Pronoun Resource Guide

Recommendations on inclusivity of transgender and gender nonconforming students and staff, from the Harvard College Women’s Center.

HGSE’s Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) offers more resources on teaching for diversity, equity, and anti-racism. 


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