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Field Experience Program

The Field Experience Program (FEP) offers candidates in mentored internships with the opportunity to enroll in S997 Reflective Inquiry into Professional Practice. Through S997, Interns hone reflective skills and strategies required for ongoing professional development and inquiry. They begin by examining their personal points of entry into their work – that is, the assumptions, expectations, and beliefs they bring to 1) a profession, 2) an organization's work-place and culture, 3) their role in an organization, and 4) their goals for learning from their work. As students gain on-site experience over the semester, they develop new perspectives about their work. The course provides Interns with means to examine how their thinking shifts during their internship experiences and  resolve any dissonance between initial expectations and new understandings.

Students can investigate possible internships in diverse educational contexts (e.g., in schools and alternative educational settings, higher education, NGOs, research organizations and labs, public agencies and non-profits, museums, private corporations, technology, as well as other professional settings related to their academic studies. Students may use a variety of resources to locate their internships – including internship opportunities offered by the HGSE Career Services Office.

For Students: Important information about enrolling in S-997 Field Experience Reflective Inquiry Into Professional Practice.pdf (FEP).

For Employers/FEP Mentors: Information on how to post an internship opportunity along with details about timing, expectations and contact information.